Sunday, November 9, 2008

Link between the Vikings and the early cultures of the Yucatan and Central America? - Legends of White "gods" who sailed to central America

ABOVE: A "raft of serpents"?


"The Viking-Maya Connection: Did The Vikings Ever Sail to Latin America?"

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Irishenforcer said...

interesting thoughts but i do not think it was the norse.Based on the fact that through out history vikings were never known as great architects or builders of pyramids.I do not think suddenly some vikings show up and all of a sudden begin to build all these things.Just my opinion interesting none the less.I do believe though that the vikings were in the americas even before eric the red or lief.Alot of circumstantial evidence in that

Anonymous said...

The Normans were great builders. You only have to look at the cathedrals and castles built by them and there decendants in England.
The Normans or 'Northmen' were Vikings, all one and the same.

YDNA testing can now link people of viking origin with some degree of accuracy so would be a useful tool to prove or disprove this theory.

There is a legend that the Vikings were desended from the trojans when their city of Troy was taken from them by the Greeks around 1190bc.

Interestingly one YDNA viking blood group (R1a1) is also found in the Brahmin cast of India.

It is probable that the viking 'race' is one of great travellers, fighters and builders who explored a great deal of the world far earlier then other more well documented peoples.

Maybe a subject that warrents further research?

Lone Wolf said...

^definitely something worth investigating

thanks for the comment