Friday, November 7, 2008

Jews seek to blot out the name of the Creator; pressure Catholics to stop using the name "Yahweh"

In their eternal hatred of the Creator, the Jews have already made great efforts to destroy the relationship between "God" and His people -- eg, mistranslating the scriptures, infiltrating the churches and perverting doctrine, promoting atheism via knowingly false ideology such as the theory of evolution, etc. What's next?

Could this be because "Yahweh" truly is the name of the Creator?


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Anonymous said...

Garbage like this from the Deicides, is PRECISELY why I often say 'Our God- YHWH God and His Son, Jesus Christ' etc. using the 'sacred name' of Jehovah to delineate HIS PEOPLE [Matt. 1:21] from the papists or the Khazars. WE CAN CALL GOD BY NAME, for He has called US by HIS Name. And HOLY is HIS Name.

To avoid using that Name, therefore, is either satanic or misguided for 'fear of the Jews.'

- Fr. John
Orthodox priest