Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jews at The Weekly Standard declare conservative movement "dead", spew hatred at whites, usher in kosher khanservative movement

"Go f*&# yourself white cracka trash! Hope you like the new marxist GOP!"

The Jews behind The Weekly Standard hijacked the American conservative movement and the Republican party long ago. In years past they could not alter the staunch conservative views of the movement, and thus focused on working behind the scenes to neutralize and thwart the effectiveness of the movement. But following the marxist take-over of the 2008 election, they are now working to effectively kill a real conservative movement in America by moving it to the left and transforming it into a more liberal and politically correct pseudo-conservative movement, such as the "conservative" political parties in Europe. These kosher khanservatives will be soft on illegal immigration and abortion, more willing to submit to erosion of gun ownership rights, open to allowing "gay marriage", less fundamentalist Christian in nature, willing to concede to the "necessity" of big government, etc.

Here is the drivel

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