Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Israelis Signaling US Attack 'Far Bigger Than 911'


(Editor's note - DEBKA is a well-known Mossad information/disinformation outlet. To the best of our knowledge and according to the experts we trust and respect, there is no such thing as 'al Qaeda' any more than it existed in its original form as a CIA construct. Further, Osama bin Laden is, in all likelihood, no longer above room temperature. The 'warning' below is another indication of a major false flag attack...like 9-11, the 7-7 London bombings, the Spain train massacre, the Bali slaughter, etc. The Israelis often seem to warn about such attacks...and years later wind up being prime suspects or are somehow alleged to be involved in them. In this case, a nice clear warning would give them a post-attack blanket of insulation and plausible deniability. Always use critical thinking when reading these sorts of things. See earlier examples of Mossad 'warnings,' etc, below.)

Israelis Signaling US Attack 'Far Bigger Than 911'

DEBKAfile Updates DEBKA-Net-Weekly Exclusive
November 16, 2008

Osama bin Laden plans to test Barack Obama like two former US presidents

DEBKAfile's counter-terror sources report that US president-elect Barack Obama, European and Russian heads of state in Washington for the G20 conference over the weekend were briefed about a probable early al Qaeda attack.

Obama and his team have been advised that a new al Qaeda strike is highly probable in the United States or against a key US target in Europe, North Africa or the Middle East.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly 372 of Nov. 14 disclosed that al Qaeda's Yemen base, a reliable barometer for Osama bin Laden's schemes, issued a Directive to All Fighters in Arabia on Nov. 9 presaging a major operation in the United States that will "change the political and economic world" and be "far bigger than 9/11."

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The notice said "the operation is very near" and "precise instructions were in the hands of "the fighters, who are already on their way to America" armed with bin Laden's orders. The pretext offered for the attack is the rejection by the US and Europe of al Qaeda's four-year old truce offer whose original pre-condition was the withdrawal of their armies from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The day after the new president's election, al Qaeda issued a little-noticed statement declaring Barack Obama a murtad, i.e. an apostate whose betrayal of Islam is judged the most heinous. Believers have the duty to execute a murtad unlike other non-believers whose death sentence is optional.

Thursday night, Nov. 14, Central Intelligence Director Gen. Michael Hayden said: "Al Qaeda, operating from its safe haven in Pakistan's tribal areas, remains the most clear and present danger to the United States." He was addressing a Washington think-tank.

"Today, virtually every major terrorist threat that my agency is aware of has threads back to the tribal areas. Whether it is command and control, training, direction, money, capabilities, there is a connection to the FATA (Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas.)"

Hayden also mentioned Yemen and Somalia as important al Qaeda theaters of operation.

In private, most heads of the intelligence agencies fighting al Qaeda admit that an attack on the United States or major American interest outside is only a matter of time.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, firstly, there is no way that Obama is a murtad under Islamic laws since he was never a Muslim.

And there the death penalty for a murtad is debatable under Islamic laws. Some Islamic scholars maintain that a death sentence is only valid if the apostate wages war against the religion. In this case then, the apostate wouldn't be killed for being an apostate but rather as an enemy combatant.

Either Al-Qaeda consists of bunch of idiots or it is nothing less than a Mossad operation.