Saturday, November 8, 2008

Patrick Grimm: "What Is At Stake Is Beauty"

What Is At Stake Is Beauty

By Patrick Grimm

What is at stake is beauty. Why do we not wish for a Judaized world? Simple. Because it is a world devoid of beauty, yet rife with soulless consumerism and slave workers grinding away on a global plantation, an international gulag run by our moneyed masters. A Judaized world is a world swept clean of higher life, for higher life cannot exist where the dollar is god, where the man with the most shekels is king.

What is at stake is beauty. Yet in a Judaized mindset, womanhood and true feminine qualities like empathy, nurturance and childbirth are devalued, destroyed, made of no effect. No, laboring for the Almighty Dollar is the lord of all, even if it means blotting out family, faith and offspring. Traditional families are mocked and twisted “alternative lifestyles” are portrayed as the paragon of health, the camera lights blotting out the maggot within the apple.

What is at stake is beauty. A Jewish intelligentsia and culture is one where filth, depravity, degeneracy and socialism are celebrated. It is the difference between Dostoevsky and a pulp comic. It is the giant leap backward into a Lord of the Flies milieu, a Jew brainchild where aesthetically pleasing art is quashed and urination, defecation and mockery of God, country and flag reign supreme. It is JEWISHNESS put to the canvas and the page.

What is at stake is beauty. The beauty of our philosophers, of our Golden Rule, our sages, our great authors, poets and musicians, painters and sculptors has been replaced with perversions that defy belief. It means that ugliness is now vogue, the outre is kitschy and slickly chic for those who make it their aim to flaunt what is snidely called “conventional.” The Jewish hate for the comely has caused a broadside of disdain and the deconstructing of standards across the board. We are only seeing the opening act of their very long-running “stage play” of disease and disorder pirouetting its way across our universe, infecting all it touches.

What is at stake is beauty. The Jewish psychopaths and sociopaths who have seized control of us will never be satisfied till they have soiled and debauched, collapsed and caved in all we have built. They will do it with their insatiable bloodlust, their megalomaniacal wars, their endorsement and parading of every kind of sickness in the human soul and spirit. There is no malignancy they will choose not to approve of, no subversive movement they won’t lead and no radical, harmful cause that they will pass on funding and fighting for. They will steal our money, smash our treasures, sell our guarded secrets and make a lie of all our truths. They will gut and turn our religions to their purposes, enlist our very children to bleed for their propaganda, drug our boys till they are feminine and docile and easy to shape. They have made the lovely female body into nothing more than cheap pornography and told us to hate our very history, roots and race. No one has harmed us so much and loved us so little. No one is less deserving of our forgiveness and no one is more arrogant and less likely to ask for it, though the mountain of crimes against us rivals ancient Babel.

What is at stake is beauty and yes, it has been said before, only beauty can save us.

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