Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holohoaxianity - Jews totally obsessed with the Holohoax - more important than their god Lucifer - most important non-event in world history

LA Times: "Holocaust's unholy hold"


Introduction to the Holocaust™ Hoax


Anonymous said...

It defies belief that Americans took the day off for a Jewish holiday right in the middle of the economic crisis that occured last month. Yep. No doubt about it. The anti-christs own America.They own all of the Israelite countries in Europe and they wont stop until they own the world. When will God step in and stop this madness? Let us all pray that God begins to intervine in a big way and give us back what the jew has taken. This is a spiritual battle and must be fought in prayer. This battle is won in the prayer closet. This whole thing makes me sick.

Matt said...

In my view, the key to turning this around is that we must get "right" with God, as I went into in an article titled "On the decline of the West - The only solution to our situation as a people is getting right with our Creator". From the article:

"As a people, we must come to realize again that Yahweh ("God") is our ultimate authority and is in control of events unfolding in the world. That doesn't mean, obviously, that everything that is occurring is the way He would like it. But what is occurring in the world is dictated and a consequence of the responses to His laws -- whether they be the laws of nature and physics, or the laws of morality.

In regards to His People -- the Christian Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, and kindred peoples whom are the true physical descendants of the Israelites -- He has established clear standards by which we are to act, and blessings and punishments conditional for those actions, whether obedient or disobedient. For example, as recorded in the Old Testament, when His people are disobedient, "God" punishes them by allowing other nations to conquer and enslave them. And the situation is no different today.

The degenerate condition of the Western Christian nations today is a direct result of disobedience to "God" and His laws -- laws which he established for our own protection -- including, for instance, laws forbidding usury, commanding racial separation, and forbidding rule over the people of Israel by foreigners. If those three laws alone were being followed, the "Jewish problem" and the Third World invasions of the western nations would not be an issue.

Obeying "God" and following His laws, therefore, is not some "mystical" solution to our problems. It's entirely practical and logical. It's not that "God" is going to twitch his fingers and supernaturally remedy our predicament because we are following some seemingly "insignificant" rules. Rather, by following His laws, we will be implementing the very policies that directly address and will fix our problems.

And saying that we are to rely on "God" for our salvation, liberation, and protection is not an invitation to be passive, and expect "God" to do all the work. Quite the opposite. True Christianity is proactive, not passive. By "relying" on "God", we are to be obedient and live by his laws, which means we are to put "God's" plans into action on the earth -- eg, separating ourselves from foreigners, removing the satanic false religions and ideologies from our midst (ie, "tearing down the idols" of heathen religions), etc.


genuine biblical "Christianity" is the blueprint for our liberation. It is the key to healing our nations. And as many know, true "Christianity" is "anti-semitic" -- or, more accurately stated, anti-jewish or anti-Judaism.

Examine almost every noble movement in Western history that was fighting against the tyranny of the "beast system" of this world, and see if it was not led by deeply religious Christian people. Take the American Revolution for instance. Why were these people willing to risk what was a decent life (much less despotic than what modern westerners live under) to die for what they believed was right? Was it not because of their belief in the rights they were endowed by their Creator? Was it not because of their deep faith in "God" and their duty to their Creator?

So, then, imagine if we had tens of millions of real Christians -- as opposed to tens of millions of "Christian Zionists" and "Judeo-Christians" -- who would rather die first than allow our nation to be enslaved by usury or overrun with foreigners, and who would never stand to be ruled by the Jews, the eternal enemies of Christians, and would dutifully fight to the death to free themselves and their kindred from such tyranny. How long do you think it would take for things to be rectified if that were the case?