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Introduction to the Holocaust™ Hoax

“Those who control the past, control the future: who controls the present controls the past.” --"1984" by Eric Blair aka George Orwell

The Holohoax is THE big lie, the kingpin in the web of deception that passes for "common knowledge" utilized by the ruling Jewish Establishment in their ongoing war against the white man and Western Christian Civilization.

You can hardly turn on the television or read a newspaper on any given day without being inundated with a "news" story, "historical documentary", movie, show, or program reinforcing the official dogma on the so-called "Holocaust" of WWII and the "paramount evil" of the Nazis. Yet despite the mountains of propaganda -- the thousands of tv specials, movies, articles, etc -- the "official" story does not withstand even the slightest bit of logical or evidentiary scrutiny, and can be easily disproven if one decides to move beyond the pre-conditioned emotional knee-jerk reaction and actually investigate and think rationally about the issue.

As with the "official" account of history on other major historical events--such as the 9/11 attacks, 7/7 London bombings, or the JFK assassination--the "official" account of the German WWII internment camps peddled by the Jewish-controlled media and Hollywood is a monumental fraud used to further the interests of Organized Jewry. But the Holocaust fable stands out among even these other colossal lies in that it is the only historical event by which one can be criminally prosecuted and imprisoned for merely questioning the official account -- with laws in numerous Western nations criminalizing "Holocaust Denial."

Historians and researchers such as Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf were imprisoned in Germany for questioning the "official" story on the so-called "Holocaust." German-born historian Dr. Fredrick Töben was recently (October 2008) arrested in London to be extradited to Germany for prosecution on charges of "holocaust denial." Why should this subject be immune from debate, criticism, and investigation? If the story is true, then there should be nothing to fear. But that's the whole point. The "official" account is NOT true, and free debate, critique, and investigation will eventually expose it as a falsehood. Therefore, laws are needed to maintain the orthodoxy. The official "Holocaust" fable is now the epitome of enforced religious dogma.


The arguments and evidence disproving the official "Holocaust" account are too numerous to fully cite and explain in detail in a short article such as this (additional resources and articles are linked at the end of article), but here is a brief rundown of some of the most important points:

1) The Jews have a documented history of fabricating alleged "genocides"of their people, and specifically a "holocaust of 6 million." For example, an October 31, 1919 article in the "American Hebrew" entitled "The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!" warned of the impending mass murder and starvation of "six million" Jews in Eastern Europe...specifically using the word "holocaust" to describe the alleged situation.

The New York Times reported in 1906 that Russia's "6,000,00 jews" were facing a final "solution" of "systematic and murderous extermination." In 1921, the New York Times ran an article which claimed that "6,000,000" jews in Russia were "facing extermination by massacre." In the Babylonian Talmud, Gittin 58a claims that 64 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned by the Romans (ancient demography indicates that there were not 64 million Jews in the entire world at that time, much less 64 million Jewish children).

2) The German camps were not "death" camps, but rather slave labor and internment camps similar to the camps on U.S. soil used by the U.S. Government to intern Japanese and German Americans during WWII. The so-called "death" camps, including Auschwitz, had inmate recreation facilities and even inmate infirmaries.  Children were actually born to women inmates at Auschwitz.  The real "final solution" was not to "exterminate" the Jews, but to relocate them outside of Germany/Europe.

Above: The entrance to Auschwitz, with the German "Arbeit macht frei" (work shall set you free).

3) There was no official German plan to "exterminate all the Jews." If the Germans really wanted to kill all the Jews in Europe, then why would they go through the great trouble and massive cost of building and upkeeping camps, transporting thousands of people to the camps, and even tattooing the interns to keep track of them? Why not just just a bullet to the back of the head in the forest?

4) The U.S. Army and Government deliberately lied about "homicidal gas chambers" being used to "exterminate" people at the Dachau camp in an official US Army "documentary" video. Later, however, this claim was dropped. The U.S. Army even piled the dead bodies of typhus victims inside camp buildings to create the legend of the Dachau "death factory." There was a gas chamber at Dachau, but it was a delousing chamber used to kill lice and other parasites in order to prevent typhus and other diseases. Even proponents of the "official" Holocaust story now acknowledge that no "homicidal gassings" took place at Dachau or any other camps on German soil. Those who died at Dachau did so overwhelmingly from a typhus epidemic that swept through the camp near the end of the war. It is the same at all of the other German internmant camps...the only "gas chambers" were delousing chambers, not homicidal chambers used to murder people....and most of those who died at the camps did so from disease, not any "extermination."

5) We are led to believe that the Nazis created the most ruthlessly efficient non-stop killing machine of all time. Yet MILLIONS of people "miraculously" survived the camps. Why are there so many "Holocaust survivors"? Why did so many people who were in the camps survive? Don't you think the Germans could have killed these people if they had really wanted to? Is this not strong evidence that the camps were not "extermination camps", and that there was no deliberate agenda of genocide?

6) There were only about one quarter of a million Jews in Germany and three million Jews in all of the German-occupied territories during WWII, and after the war some 3.5 to 4 (plus) million Jews claimed to be "holocaust survivors" and demanded reparations from Germany.

7) The "6 million" number of Jews supposedly killed is a monstrously untenable exaggeration, with even the official Auschwitz Museum revising down the number killed at Auschwitz by ~2.5 million.

Left: This was the plaque on display at the Auschwitz camp until 1989: note the "4 million" victims. Right: This is the plaque currently on display at Auschwitz (2002) - note the suddenly reduced number of victims to 1.5 million - a casual reduction in the number of deaths by 2.5 million. Question: Does 'Six Million' minus 2.5 million still equal 'Six Million'? (click picture to enlarge)

8) World Almanacs and other evidence conclusively show that the worldwide Jewish population remained virtually stable (around 15 million) during the period ~1935-1945. This would be impossible if "6 million" Jews really died.

9) According to Red Cross records, there was no evidence of genocide and only ~270,000 internees (of all nationalities) died in the camps, including death by old age, natural causes, and disease. Only around half of the internees were Jewish, so only around 135,000 jews died in the camps.

10) Most of the people who died in the German camps died of disease (ie, typhus epidemics) after the condition in the camps deteriorated near the end of the war due to heavy Allied bombing of Germany which devastated the country and cut supply lines to the camps. This was the reason that many of the the interns were emaciated and starving upon "liberation" of the camps by the Allies.

11) Many of the more ludicrous claims in the "Holocaust" legend have been quietly abandoned by promoters of the official story, including claims of "making soap and lamp shades out of Jews", making "shrunken heads" of jews, and the use of "electrocution chambers" and "steam chambers" to exterminate jews. The stories of "homicidal gas chambers" are also false, with the only gas chambers at the camps being delousing chambers to prevent typhus and other diseases. The so-called "gas chambers" were not sealed or otherwise constructed to handle lethal gas, and were miserably small/inadequate to function as the main engine for the alleged extermination of 6+ million people.

12) Jewish academic and author Norman Finkelstein wrote a book titled The Holocaust Industry in which he admits that the "official" story on the alleged "Holocaust" is rife with exaggerations, "has always been bankrupt", is an "outright extortion racket", and that the "time is long past to put it out of business." He also admits that the story on the "Holocaust" is an "indispensable ideological weapon" used to cast Jews and the state of Israel as "victims" and give them immunity from criticism and opposition.

13) Upon close examination, the stories of prominent "holocaust survivors" (as well as lesser known "holocaust survivors") are complete fabrications. Note just the following examples:
-- "Holocaust survivor" Moshe Peer claims he was sent to the gas chambers at least six times and survived!

-- Survivor™ William Lowenberg claims a magician friend gave him a magic thirst-quenching pebble while at Auschwitz so that he did not drink water for 3 years, but survived on his saliva alone. Lowenberg also claims he survived on a diet of merely 200 calories a day, and that Dr. Mengele castrated some jews, and injected animal semen into others.

-- The so-called "Diary of Anne Frank" is a proven fraud, with large parts of the document being written in ballpoint pen, when ball-point pens were not available in the market until 1951, well after the war. The document is a forgery written by a novelist hired by Anne's father Otto.

-- Elie Wiesel, a Nobel Prize winner and perhaps the most widely known and celebrated Jewish "holocaust survivor", is a well-documented liar, who among other things claims to have "survived 12 death camps." Wiesel was interned at Auschwitz and correctly fails to mention anything of any "gas chambers" in his memoir "Night", but claims that geysers of Jewish blood spurted out of the ground at Babi Yar and that 10,000 Jews a day were killed at Auschwitz by being thrown alive into burning ditches, which all historians say never happened, let alone ten thousand times a day for months.

-- Alleged "holocaust survivor" Misha Defonseca claimed in her memoir, "Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years," to have escaped the Nazis by trekking across Europe and living with wolves. Eleven years after publishing the book, she admitted the whole story was a hoax.

-- Infamous "Nazi hunter" , "Holocaust historian", and alleged "holocaust survivor" Simon Wiesenthal has now been acknowledged (even by jews) to be a total fraud. Among Wiesenthal's absurd claims are the following: He was in 13 "death" and work camps, yet "miraculously" survived them all. He walked 170 miles on a gangrenous foot with a recently amputated toe -- and without a shoe and only the sleeve of a coat covering the foot! His gangrenous foot and leg "miraculously" healed without any medical aid. Then there are the numerous "miraculous" escapes from death, including one where he falls unconscious in sub-zero temperatures, is mistaken for dead, only to be discovered alive just before going into the crematorium oven, and simply given a cold shower to thaw out.

-- Alleged "holocaust survivor" Irene Weisberg Zisblatt in her "memoir" titled "The Fifth Diamond" claims she hid 5 diamonds from the Nazis by eating them and retrieving them from her excrement for 15 months, was injected with chemicals in her eyeballs by Dr. Mengele, was the "only survivor of her 40 family members", and was poisoned with chemicals to destroy her reproductive organs and yet "miraculously" had two post-sterilization children after the war.

-- Morris Hubert says a jew was thrown into a cage with a bear every day at the Buchenwald concentration camp.

-- Alleged "holocaust survivor" Katalin Weinberger claims she saved the life of her sister, who was deathly ill with typhus, by "burying her in ground for 30 days with a pipe sticking up through soil to breathe."

-- Alleged survivor Judith Perlaki claims the gas chambers at Auschwitz were "as long as 50 football fields" (50 x 300ft = 15,000 ft = 2.84 miles), that Germans "tied women’s legs together to stop them from having babies", the Germans would "hold prisoners under the water to see how long they would last until they would freeze to death", and that she was served soup with rats and live mice in it.

-- Eva Olsson, alleged inmate at the Bergen-Belsen camp located in northwestern Germany, claims there were "homicidal gas chambers" there and that she "witnessed" "five children at a time burned alive in the crematoriums" at the camp. But now even proponents of the "official" Holocaust account acknowledge that there were not any "homicidal gassings" at any of the camps on German soil.

-- Alleged former inmate of Treblinka Yankel Wiernik claims, among other things, that he "witnessed" a naked Jewish girl leap over a three-meter (10 ft.) high barbed wire fence, wrench the rifle out of the hands of a pursuing guard, and shoot two guards before she was overpowered, that German guard named Sepp would "frequently snatch children from their mother's arms and tear the child in half", that 10,000 to 12,000 corpses at one time were burned on giant outdoor pyres, and that the corpses of men would not burn but the corpses of women burned easily and were "used for kindling."

-- Rivka Yosselevska claims she witnessed "blood spurting out of the ground" at a mass grave where jews were allegedly executed.

-- A former leading representative of "holocaust survivors" in Spain admitted he was an impostor and was never even in a camp.

-- Other purported Holocaust survivors have claimed "witnessing" a Nazi "electric machine to collect the sperm of jews" and "attack dogs with poison on their teeth."

-Many more absurd "Holocaust Survivor" stories

14) The Nuremberg trials were a complete farce, convicting the Germans of "homicidal gassings" at the camps on German soil (which is no longer claimed by proponents of the "official" story on the "Holocaust"), presenting evidence of Nazi's "making soap, human-skin lampshades, and shrunken heads of jews", and even "convicting" the Germans of the Katyn Forest Massacre, which in reality the Soviets had perpetrated.

Given the lack of physical evidence in support of the official Holocaust story, and aside from bogus "eyewitness testimony" of alleged "holocaust survivors", the other main so-called "evidence" used to support the official Holocaust story is the "testimony" or "confessions" of top Nazis used at the Nuremberg trials. These so-called "confessions", however, were obtained via the use of torture (such as the torture of Rudolph Hoess by the British), and are therefore obviously unreliable.

15) Three of the best known works on the Second World War are General Eisenhower's "Crusade in Europe" (559 pages), Winston Churchill's "The Second World War" ( 6 volumes; 4,448 pages), and the "Mémoires de guerre" by General de Gaulle (3 volumes; 2,054 pages). There is absolutely no mention whatsoever of any "Holocaust", genocide of the Jews, or gas chambers in these works, or by any other lesser luminaries who wrote about the Second World War.

16) According to the official story, some ~850,000 Jews were "were put to death in gas chambers and then buried in huge mass graves" at the Treblinka concentration camp. Over six days in October of 1999, Australian scientists conducted a detailed forensic examination of the soil at the site, including the use of ground penetrating radar, and found absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any mass graves ever existing there.

17) Propaganda to demonize the enemy is notorious in warfare.  It is necessary to outrage your own citizens in order to motivate them to support war.  In World War 1, for instance, the Allies demonized the Germans with false claims of "bayoneting babies" and "making soap from corpses of their dead soldiers".  They produced cartoon posters calling the Germans "huns", and literally depicting them as inhuman "gorillas".  More on that here.

What is the purpose of the Establishment's "Holocaust" mythology?  It is a psychological warfare weapon. 

Although it may take one a while to fully grasp this reality, the Holocaust™ propaganda is of critical importance and central to the jewish "New World Order" agenda.  It is an immensely powerful psychological weapon, used to defeat whites/Europeans at the first sphere of battle....the mind

The primary purposes are:

1. It Protects Jewish Power by acting to immunize Jewry -- individually and collectively -- from criticism and opposition, and therefore prevent any substantive organized opposition to Jewish power (eg, in media, banking, etc) from materializing.

After all, organized opposition to Jewish Power is ostensibly what Nazi Germany was all about, and it led to the "Holocaust."

The Jews paint themselves as "eternal victims" who have been persecuted all throughout history for no reason other than arbitrary and blind racial hatred (and not because of their actions as a destructive force in the societies they live, causing them to be evicted from over 100 nations down through history).  Anyone of prominence who dares to oppose the destructive influence of Jews as a group, for example, is demonized as a "hate-filled Nazi" in the "mainstream" Jewish-controlled "news" organizations, and their point of view disregarded by the brainwashed masses.

2. Pretext for the demonization of white nationalism, and the destruction and genocide of white nations via mass third world non-white immigration

Any time whites/Europeans organize to oppose the jewish agenda for massive non-white immigration, the tactic of smear by association to the Nazis is used, conjuring the (false) idea that "racialist" whites are the "ultimate evil in world history" and are always on the verge of mass murdering millions of people, and could lead to another "holocaust".

The Holocaust legend acts to demonize, suppress, marginalize, and destroy the main enemies of the ruling Jewish Establishment -- ie, what may be termed "white nationalism" (and, therefore, white NATIONS), as well as any organized resistance to the Jewish power structure. The white race is the most formidable obstacle to the agenda of Jewish world conquest. Therefore, the white race as a whole, and specifically strong, racially-homogeneous white nations have been targeted for destruction. Nazi Germany represented the Jews' worst fear -- a racially homogeneous white/European nation seeking to free itself from the destructive influence of Organized Jewry. By holding up the fabricated "monstrous evil" of Nazi Germany, the Jewish Establishment is able to propagandize whites into believing that it is "evil" to have loyalty to their own race and have nations or societies exclusively for whites/Europeans -- freeing the way for the Jewish Establishment to open the door to non-white immigration invasions of white homelands, and the dissolution of the strong Western white/European nations.

Additional reasons for the Holocaust include:

1. Pretext for advance of censorship and political correctness

The Holocaust™ -- ie, historical inquiry, discussion, and debate surrounding the event -- has been the primary pretext for the advance of censorship and "political correctness" in the social and political arena, including the creation of "hate speech" laws which criminalize freedom of speech. So-called "holocaust deniers" were the first to be singled out in the West over the past several decades to be worthy of censorship and imprisonment for their beliefs. This has "legitimized" censorship and suppression of freedom of speech in many other areas, including on the issues of Third World immigration, homosexuality, and Jewish power and influence. This atmosphere of "political correctness" and censorship has been absolutely pivotal in the overall Jewish plan for the destruction of Western Civilization -- as evidenced by the rapid deterioration of the Western nations over the past 30-40 years.  Currently, in many European nations, you can be prosecuted for a "hate speech" crime for merely speaking out against Islam or the policiy of mass non-white immigration.

2. Strengthens solidarity of jews as a group, supporting overall elite Jewish "NWO" Agenda

The Holocaust story also acts to further strengthen worldwide Jewish racial solidarity and cohesiveness, ensuring that common lay jews will steadfastly support elite Jewry and their "new world order" agenda. Lay Jews who genuinely believe the Holocaust account are further driven into a "us versus the world" mentality, causing jews to act collectively as a group. Jews thus see any criticism of Judaism, Jews as a group, or any individual Jew as a "hate-filled" attack on their entire race with "genocidal sentiment", a manifestation of the pervasive, worldwide, and incessant "anti-semitism" that could lead to another "holocaust."

3. The pretext for the creation of the Jewish state of "Israel."

4. The financial extortion of the German people and others for the "crimes of the Holocaust", via "reparations."

5. Justification for the actions of the state of Israel against the Palestinians and other muslim nations -- eg, "we must attack Iran to prevent another Holocaust."

6. The mythical "genocide of 6 million jews" acts as a "cover" and diversion for the real genocide of WWII -- the genocide of millions of ethnic Germans by the Allies during and after the war.


On a final note, the REAL "holocaust" or genocide committed during WWII (aside from the overall 50+ million killed in a war deliberately fomented by International Jewry) was the deliberate starvation and mass slaughter of millions of ethnic Germans during and after the war by the Western Allies and the Soviets. In addition to all the other reasons, the HoloHoax fairy tale about a "holocaust of 6 million Jews" is a COVER for the real "holocaust" and genocide of WWII...the genocide of millions of GERMANS by the Judeo-Zionist U.S. and Soviet governments.

Immediately after the war, millions of ethnic Germans were ethnically cleansed from their ancestral lands in Eastern Europe. An estimated 2 million ethnic Germans died in the expulsions. Millions of German women were raped and abused, especially in the Soviet occupied areas.

Under the Morgenthau Plan enacted by Jewish General Dwight Eisenhower, hundreds of thousands of Germans, including women and common citizens, were rounded up by the U.S. military and placed in open fields without access to food, water, and shelter -- and left to die. At least one million German POWs were murdered in the German POW camps run by the United States. The Soviets systematically murdered 3.5 million German prisoners of war and half a million ethnic Germans in the Gulag slave labor camps inside Russia during and after the war.

According to Canadian historian James Bacque, as documented in his work "Crimes and Mercies", as many as 9 to 14 million ethnic Germans died under Allied-Soviet occupation from 1944-1950.

Recomended Books & Articles:
"An Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism" by Tom Moran
Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard E. Harwood
Is the Holocaust a Hoax? (bible believers australia)
The Holocaust Hoax (christian party)

Recommended Videos:
Judea Declares War on Germany: A Critical Look at the Holocaust and WWII
Holocaust Denial Videos

Recommended Websites:
Exposing the Holocaust™ Hoax Archive
Website of Ernst Zundel
Website of Germar Rudolf
Adelaide Institute - website of Fredrick Toben

What is your view on the so-called "Holocaust"?

It happened just as the jewish-controlled media and Hollywood says - 6 million deliberately murdered

Complete jewish B.S. - No extermination, just some deaths in the camps from disease free polls

Important Articles Exposing the Holocaust Hoax:

- Jews alleged a "holocaust" of "6 Million" Jews in Romania, Poland and Ukraine in 1919 at end of WWI
- NY Times reports in 1906 that Russia's "6,000,00 jews" facing a final "solution" of "systematic and murderous extermination"
- New York Times reports that Russia's "6,000,000 jews" were "facing extermination by massacre" in 1921!
- 7 years before end of war, NY Times in 1938 claims "6,000,000" European jews are "victims" of "anti-semitic persecution"
- Dachau - The U.S. Army and Government lies about "extermination" and "homicidal gas chambers" - Microcosm of the Holocaust™ Fraud
- Number of Dead at Auschwitz Alleged by Holocaust™ Proponents Drops by 2.5 million - Sacred 6 million Number Remains Unchanged
- The Kabalistic-Occult origins and purpose of the Holocaust™ dogma, and the "sacred" 6 million number
- WWII German Camps Not "Extermination" Camps - Thyphus Epidemics Cause of Emaciated Bodies and Deaths
- The "Human Skin Lampshades" and "Nazi Shrunken Heads" Psyop - "Evidence" Presented at Nuremberg
- Treblinka - Holohoaxers say ~850,000 jews gassed to death - Australian scientists find no evidence whatsoever of mass graves
- Majdanek: Initially "officially" claimed to be a "death camp" where 1.5 million murdered; Now only 79,000 alleged dead

Other Articles of Interest:

-WWI Anti-German Propaganda - false atrocity stories of "bayoneting babies", "making soap from corpses of their dead soldiers", etc
- End This Evil Holocaust Deception - Cultural-Racial Genocide of Germany is First; Rest of Europe and the West to Follow
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- Unspeakable Atrocities - New German film on the greatest mass rape in history - 2 million German women raped by the Judeo-Bolsheviks from 1945-49
- Dresden - A True Holocaust And Act Of Heinous Terrorism
- "Crimes and Mercies" by James Bacque: the genocide of 9 to 14 million ethnic Germans under Allied occupation from 1944-1950


Anonymous said...

by the ruling Jewish Establishment in their ongoing war against the white man

Jews can be white, it's a religion not a race.

Oh yeah and you're a parasite in the arse-hole of humanity.

Mshrm said...

So what were the camps for? Don't say that the jews built them... And i reacted on this paragraph

"If the Germans really wanted to kill all the Jews in Europe, then why would they go through the great trouble and massive cost of building and upkeeping camps, transporting thousands of people to the camps, and even tattooing the interns to keep track of them? Why not just just a bullet to the back of the head in the forest?"

And you have a lot of experience of genocides? I don't but I have logic and killing like 20 million people takes a while and will be a bit of work, "in the woods" tactic will result in a lot of bodies which will smell ALOT and spread disease. And you can't just pile bodies all around the country. And I have counted a bit on how effective the Nazis where, they killed an average 2800 people per day under the entire war, that's 116 people per hour. If you count in weapon wear, supplying ammunition and physical stress on the soldiers, that's pretty "well done".

To finish I site another comment:
"Oh yeah and you're a parasite in the arse-hole of humanity."

Have a nice day.

The Sin said...

You're blaming an empty shell, the Nazis did so too. The Jews never existed, they're a fairytale people from a book called the Bible.

Anonymous said...

as to why they built the camps and why they used the jews as slaves before gassing them ever heard of cost effectiveness? not to mention the shortage of ammuntion and the overpowering guilt. they found this out when they tried it in the east. and on some of the claims by jews that seem outrageous, people in stressfull tramatic situations veterans for example sometimes remember things differently, this is because we are humans and not machines our perceptions are controlled chemicals and can be manipulated try DMT for and example

People like you dont look for evidence you have a conclusion and you pick and choose what you include while ignoring what doesnt fit, like a young earth creationist.

Anonymous said...

I find it, quite frankly, laughable that you can even create, let alone believe, such utter drivel...

I am all for freedom of thought and speech, which also gives me the right to tell you that you are simply misguided and factually incorrect. The fact that we have so much documentary evidence, from a wealth of different media, points to the truth of the holocaust.

Furthermore, I note that your methodology is severely flawed owing to clear bias. You deny every little point of the holocaust, but accept (without question) any hint of soviet/communist war crimes.

Try reading a real book for a change...

Anonymous said...

Fuck the person who wrote this shit denying the holocaust. u nd the rest of the other holocaust deniers are a bunch of racist mouther fuckers!

Anonymous said...

This shit is fucking funny... you have a lot of time on your hands to copy/paste/edit for you blog.

Looks like you are jealous that the Holocaust has gained importance and attention in this world and you want a piece of that too posting such crap online. If you really do believe yourself then all I can say is- spend less time online posting many blogs about how this is all fake and get a real life.

don said...

Hey "anonymous" why don't you learn how to spell. You are most likely a Jew pretending to be Irish or some other nationality. The truth is, there is no evidence of any jew killed in gas chambers.
Heresay is not evidence. The jews refused to let in any scientist for forensics. All autopsies never produced any deaths by Zyclon B. Gas.

Anonymous said...

What I find to be hilarious about this, and all of the rest of your pages, is the fact that in each of them there appears a quote by Orwell, "In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Wanna know what else Orwell wrote? "For quite six years the English admirers of Hitler contrived not to learn of the existence of Dachau and Buchenwald. ... Many English people have heard almost nothing about the extermination of German and Polish Jews during the present war. Their own anti-Semitism has caused this vast crime to bounce off their consciousness." He also said that it's amazing that you bigots can "swallow such absurdities on one particular subject while remaining sane on others."

"Antisemitism in Britain", in As I Please: 1943–1945, pp 332–341.
"Notes on Nationalism", 1945

tanzania said...

the concentration camp narrative is foolishness, the jews fell under the realm of "undesirables". the ashkenazi jew had been expelled from countries before. being at war the germans decided to put them to work in labor camps. but can you really blame germany for the internment? the international jewry attempted to destroy their economy. i believe germany's final solution was to get the jews out of germany.

Steve said...

The comments posted here criticising the brilliantly revealing " Introduction to the Holocaust Hoax " are obviously from Jews. Or from those non Jews who have been brainwashed since childhood the way we all were. Instead of blindly going along with the Jewish propaganda, just do a bit of research for yourselves. The truth is easier than ever to find, now that we have the internet. That is if you really want the truth of course. If not just carry on watching Stephen Spielbergs absolutely cringeworthy, regularly turned out obvious nonsense. Even Schindlers List turns out to be fictional, according to the mans widow. The only thing I cant understand is how he gets away with it. Americans think themselves to be a pretty smart and switched on bunch, but in the hands of these crooked faced criminals, you are as easily manipulated as babies.

WaitaMinute said...

For most Jews, the so-called Holocaust is a very emotional issue--very few are capable of rationally discussing it without resorting to name calling, personal attacks, and sarcasm. It has become central to their Identity as suffering Jews.

And because they think of themselves as so much smarter than the rest of us, they can't conceive of the idea that they've been taken in by the Holocaust scenario more than the "stupid goyem" have.

They deride us for believing in the divinity of Christ, and yet from the perspective probability, it is far more likely that a Man walked on water than the Nazis made six million Jews disappear in three years without a trace. That is the definition of "Blind Faith".

Truly, for the Jews, Holocaustianity has become the opiate of their masses.

Anonymous said...

Your Article my Friend is a Best Breeze of Fresh Air -- that the People of the World needs so badly --- cuz we all are intensely Suffocated by Ugly Jewish Media Propaganda 24/7
if you Look @ the Media today --- its pushing the whole world towards --- disrespect to Women --- prostitution --- gangsterism (cuz if uneducated gangsters are Leaders, its easier for Jews to Decieve them, Use em and Exploit em )

There is a New Jewish Agenda in Work now --- They are pushing for World War 3 -- possible war between either China Russia or China Japan --- cuz Jews know fully well if these potential Super Power Countries are Self Destroyed -- They could control the other countries without a problem

Anonymous said...

is it True that Every 100 yrs or so one Person comes -- and Destroy all the Jewish Control -- Wealth --- Power ???

and reduce them to nothing

karlgharst said...

Goebbels said " whether we are successful or not, the lies coming from these Jews will one day collapse under its own weight!"
The "holocaust," the claim of being God Holy Seed called "Israel" and the accusation that "Arabs attacked us on 9/11" are some mighty hefty lies for Edom Jewry to shoulder! Karl Gharst

Lone Wolf said...

^Indeed. They must tremble for what is to come when the "floodgates open" and virtually everyone comes to know the truth about their lies on those and similar issues.

karlgharst said...

"Shicklgruber" is a derogatory name for a "Jew" in the Germanic languages (Shekel-grubber or Money-grubber). If there was a single shred of evidence that the most slandered man in world history, Mr. Hitler, was a Kike - you can bet you would have already seen the evidence!

Cat Weasel said...
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Anonymous said...

Judaism is a legal race, not a natural once.
Religion gives you legal rights, just like those of a nation.
If you start to understand the difference, you will start to understand the entire scam a little bit better.

Until you do not know that, you will be like
Alice who believes what ever you want to believe.

Just think on one typical picture, that can not fit with reality.

Avoid those Nazi scammer, too. Just controlled oppositions, who believe the race nonsense.