Sunday, November 23, 2008

Germany Bans the Celtic Cross

Meanwhile the communist-bolshevik hammer and sickle, symbolic of the systematic genocide of 40+ million white christians and 60+ million Chinese is untouched and celebrated by the Judeo Establishment. What's next, banning the symbol of the cross? Banning mention of a cross? Banning the flag of Germany? Banning words and languange making reference to a cross, the Nordic white race, or Christianity?

This is not about being sympathetic to real genocides (of which the Holohoax, obviously, was not) or "hate speech" (which is clearly a ruse for censorship). It's an attack on the cultural and racial identity of the German people. It's about the destruction of a race of people and their, the Germanic-Nordic white race and Christianity.

Article in German:


Federal High Court forbids Celtic cross

Friday, 14 November, 2008

Karlsruhe (AP) the public use of the Celtic Cross is generally forbidden and punishable after a judgement of the Federal High Court. The prohibition is considered also, if no connection with the unconstitutional neo-Nazi organization is manufactured, the cross as emblem used, as the BGH communicated on Friday. Therefore decided the 3. Criminal senate that in each case the criminal offence existence of using characteristics of unconstitutional organizations would be fulfilled.

The symbol, a bar cross with a ring in the intersection, is used by the forbidden anticonstitutional “people-socialist movement of Germany/a party of the work (VSBD/PdA)” as emblem, but is considered also as harmless symbol in particular in culture-historical or religious connections.

The Karlsruher judge explained, only by a general prohibition it was guaranteed that again as symbol of the forbidden combination in the public life will not establish the cross can. Only if the symbol is used obviously in a harmless connection, it is not punishable.


Armed With Knowledge said...

simply unbelievable

Craig said...

The Celtic cross is, as its name applies, Celtic. It is not, strictly speaking, a Germanic symbol. But it has become a symbol in general for European traditionalists and nationalists.

Lone Wolf said...


Yes...I know it's Celtic in origin. I didn't mean to imply that it was Germanic in origin. But as it has become a symbol of white/European/Nordic identity, an attack on it is an attack not only on Celts, but all Nordic-White-Germanic kindred peoples.