Monday, November 10, 2008

German NPD party member says Obama's election a declaration of war on white America - Jews "shocked" and "outraged" at comments, push for prosecution

Notice in the first paragraph of the article how they try to flip and confuse the issue by saying that Obama is declaring war on non-white America.



Armed With Knowledge said...

This is an absolutely absurd move and I doubt these Zionist pundits would try it because there is clearly no way these words represent a hate crime. The only "shock" I am feeling about this situation is that this is not from page news in the Spiegel and so on. This is clearly a stunt on behalf of the Jewish community to make people think twice before opening their mouths. For example, if you hear that Jews "considered" pressing charges when someone said something as low-key and non-provocative as "this will undermine America's white heritage", you'll think twice before saying anything that could be considered half-controversial.

Matt said...

I don't know. Jewry has a death grip on freedom of speech in Germany. I wouldn't be surpirised if they sucessfully prosecute the guy.

And they don't have jury trials on the "hate speech" and Holohoax denial charges, if I'm not mistaken. So a puppet judge can do just about anything they want. The court system in Germany is a complete joke. No due process. Truth is not a defense. You probably can't even present evidence in your own defense. You are essentially guilty as charged.

But even if they don't prosecute, you are right. Either way, it's a ploy to chill freedom of speech.