Friday, November 7, 2008

Flashback: Nicholas Sarkozy a Mossad Agent? French authorities attempt to track down whistle-blower

Someone sent an e-mail anonymously to French authorities about a year ago claiming Sarkozy was an ex-Mossad agent. The French police investigated, but not Sarkozy. No, the one who sent the e-mail -- to bring "hate speech" or other charges. The Judeo-controlled French press, of course, dismissed the charge against Sarkozy as "ridiculous."

Source: The Truthseeker

Sarkozy an Ex-Mossad Agent? – October 17, 2007

TEHRAN – A prestigious French daily reported that an email sent to 100 high-ranking police officials claims French President Nicholas Sarkozy is a former agent of the Israeli intelligence services, Mossad.

Le Figaro added that the letter was sent to French police officials late last winter and reiterated that Sarkozy was the fourth high-ranking spy of Israel.

The letter titled “Infiltration of Mossad in France’s ruling center-right UMP party“ insists that Sarkozy is a spy.

French Article


Strange charges of a cybercorbeau


Did a DISPENSARY want to destabilize Nicolas Sarkozy during the presidential campaign? An investigation entrusted to the Central management of the judicial police must establish it. At the end of March 2007, in the last line of the election, all the departmental directors of public safety, is a hundred senior officials, were recipients of a strange email. The future president was taxed there, neither more nor less, to be recruited in the years 1980 by Mossad, the Israeli secret service.

The text sent is appeared as a “note of synthesis” of two pages. Its title: “The infiltration of Israeli Mossad in UMP. Nicolas Sarkozy: the fourth man.” Above, a pseudo-logo of the “DGSE”. “All that breathes the manipulation with full nose, with relents of extreme right-hand side”, prevents a framework directing to the ministry for the Interior.

According to the author of the message, in 1978, the government of Menahem Begin would have financed the infiltration of the party gaullist to make of it a kind of partner of Israel. The operation would have been assembled by Rafael Eytan, Master-spy Israeli. “Three French citizens predisposed to collaborate” would thus have been targeted: Patrick Balkany, Patrick Devedjian and Pierre Lellouche. Balkany is presented like the chief of the “network”.

In 1983, Patrick Balkany would have recruited the “young person and promising” Sarkozy, the “fourth man of Mossad”. A fifth recruit would have come to supplement the device in the years 1990: Manuel Aeschlimann, deputy and mayor of Asnières (Hauts-de-Seine). The cybercorbeau affirms that this close relation of Sarkozy is “charged to establish contacts with Iranian persons in charge in France”. A all the more perfidious assertion as its town of Asnières accomodates indeed a strong Iranian community.

Embarrassed, the police staff of then had to bring back in high place the contents of this eccentric email and the quality of his recipients. At once, an investigation was diligentée, entrusted to the PJ. The police officers discovered that the message started from a cybercafé of the Val-d'Oise.

But the corbel chose the place of its mockeries well: in this trade where anonymity is the rule, since the law its papers to reach the computers, it does not force to present did not have there a vidéosurveillance. No print, no trace of DNA could be exploited. The expertise on the machines did not give anything. Not more than the semantic analysis of the text.

And the investigation continues at the request of the parquet floor. With the risk to give to this business an importance which it did not deserve.

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