Friday, November 7, 2008

"Eric Jon Phelps" exposed - Israeli diamond merchant, Jewish/Zionist shill and disinformationalist

99% of all genuine patriots and truthseekers already knew this guy's "blame the Jesuits" thesis was complete nonsense. But here's a nail in his coffin.

Source: Zionist Champions

Eric Jon Phelps: Zionist Promoter, Israeli Diamond Merchant

Eric Jon Phelps, proven to be an Israeli diamond trader and alleged to be author of Vatican Assassins, is under fire from many in the Patriot, Truth, and Christian communities as a fraud and liar.


Reportedly, Phelps was honored as guest speaker by a University of Oklahoma Hasidic (hard-core Zionist Orthodox) Jewish group. Hasidic Jews have a record of deep involvement in the Christ-hating Talmud and the sorcerous Cabala.


Eric Jon Phelps admits that he is a merchant to the wealthy of Israeli diamonds, direct from Tel Aviv (


Proclaiming himself to be a "Hebrew Israelite," Phelps has also declared, "I am a Zionist" He even goes on to say that his goal is a "Fifth Monarchy" Israel Kingdom. "The beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites people have a right to live in their promised land," Phelps writes, adding, "I am of the fifth category of Zionists."

The folks at (10/3/2002) call Phelps a "hit man for the Jews, a complete shill," brimming, they say, with lies and disinformation.


Phelps Welcomed on Israel National Radio

Phelps calls the Jews his "beloved," and they sure respond to his flatteries. According to Israel National Radio, Phelps anti-Catholic views were warmly welcomed in Israel as Phelps guested on that network’s popular "The Tamar Yonah Show" ( Tamar Yonah, host of the government subsidized Israeli radio program, bills her show as one that conducts "interviews with the movers and shakers in Israel."

Is Phelps, a former concrete mixer and Bible School student and now an Israeli diamond merchant, one of those "movers and shakers" in Israel?

John Kaminski, well-known internet researcher and essayist, says he believes flat-out that Eric Jon Phelps, masquerading as a "White American Freeman," is, in reality, simply a Jew. Kaminski also suggests that Phelps is likely a FBI stooge. According to Kaminski, Phelps uses special codewords to let Jews know he is one of them. For example, Phelps says that, "Jesus is the Jewish Son of God."


The Zionist criminals are well aware of the schism between Catholics and Protestants. They intend to use this divide to insidiously plant gossip, rumors, lies, and disinformation. Phelps, whether knowingly or unknowingly, whether duped or paid intentional provocateur, is greatly assisting them with his false and unfounded accusations against patriots, 9/11 Truthers, true Christian believers, and others. He is, in our opinion, a "Zionist Profiteer," and deserves to be exposed for his falsehoods and underhandedness.

Many think that Phelps is simply a "crazy" and a dupe. Maybe, but true Christians have labored for many years unmasking the New Age movement, the global conspiratorial elite, and yes, the Jesuits and the Vatican. Phelps’ ridiculous claims about the Jesuits cause many to scorn and ridicule the work done by legitimate researchers. If this individual is not a government or Mossad-paid shill, he certainly is a good imitation. All lovers of freedom and truth are urged to shun Mr. Phelps and to pitch his flawed and worthless book in the trash can.

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Phelps can't help it he is a brainwashed Biblical Protestant TERD

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Expose the fraud Craig Oxley his also putting out jesuit propaganda aswell.