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Dresden - A True Holocaust And Act Of Heinous Terrorism

The following is an excellent summary on the truth about this dark chapter of history:


Dresden - A True Holocaust And Act Of Heinous Terrorism

Fifty-eight years ago, on the evening of February 13, 1945, an orgy of genocide and barbarism began against a defenseless German city, one of the greatest cultural centers of northern Europe. Within less than 14 hours, not only was it reduced to flaming ruins, but an estimated one-third of its inhabitants--possibly as many as half a million--had perished in what was the worst massacre of all time.


The following account, taken from the Feb. 1985 issue of the NS Bulletin, tells us what a REAL holocaust is like.

Toward the end of World War II, as Allied planes rained death and destruction over Germany, the old Saxon city of Dresden lay like an island of tranquility amid desolation. Famous as a cultural center and possessing no military value, Dresden had been spared the terror that descended from the skies over the rest of the country.


On Shrove Tuesday, February 13, 1945, a flood of refugees fleeing the Red Army 60 miles away had swollen the city's population to well over a million. Each new refugee brought fearful accounts of Soviet atrocities. Little did those refugees retreating from the Red terror imagine that they were about to die in a horror worse than anything Stalin could devise.


The first bomb fell at 10:09 p.m. The attack lasted 24 minutes, leaving the inner city a raging sea of fire. "Precision saturation bombing" had created the desired firestorm.

A firestorm is caused when hundreds of smaller fires join in one vast conflagration. Huge masses of air are sucked in to feed the inferno, causing an artificial tornado. Those persons unlucky enough to be caught in the rush of wind are hurled down entire streets into the flames. Those who seek refuge underground often suffocate as oxygen is pulled from the air to feed the blaze, or they perish in a blast of white heat--heat intense enough to melt human flesh.


A Swiss citizen described his visit to Dresden two weeks after the raid: "I could see torn-off arms and legs, mutilated torsos and heads which had been wrenched from their bodies and rolled away. In places the corpses were still lying so densely that I had to clear a path through them in order not to tread on arms and legs."

The death toll was staggering. The full extent of the Dresden Holocaust can be more readily grasped if one considers that well over 250,000--possibly as many as a half a million--persons died within a 14-hour period, whereas estimates of those who died at Hiroshima range from 90,000 to 140,000.


In one ironic note, Dresden's only conceivable military target-- its railroad yards--was ignored by Allied bombers. They were too busy concentrating on helpless old men, women and children.

If ever there was a war crime, then certainly the Dresden Holocaust ranks as the most sordid one of all time. Yet there are no movies made today condemning this fiendish slaugher; nor did any Allied airman--or Sir Winston--sit in the dock at Nuremberg. In fact, the Dresden airmen were actually awarded medals for their role in this mass murder. But, of course, they could not have been tried, because there were "only following orders."

This is not to say that the mountains of corpses left in Dresden were ignored by the Nuremberg Tribunal. In one final irony, the prosecution presented photographs of the Dresden dead as "evidence" of alleged National Socialist atrocities against Jewish concentration-camp inmates!

Churchill, the monster who ordered the Dresden slaugher, was knighted, and the rest is history. The cold-blooded sadism of the massacre, however, is brushed aside by his biographers, who still cannot bring themselves to tell how the desire of one madman to "impress" another one let to the mass murder of up to a half million men, women and children.


An article (published in American and Canadian newspapers...see below) says that 11 months after the bombing of Dresden, corpses were still being recovered. Dresden had been full of refugees fleeing from the East. An estimated 200,000 - 250,000 were killed in the bombings. American correspondents were alllowed to visit the Soveit-occupied zone of Dresden for the first time in January 1946. Soviet Major General Dimitry Duorovski estimates 10,000s of corpses still remain buried.

Source: Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

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Anonymous said...

Check your info. It is now widely excepted that only 25,000-40,000 people died in the bombing. A small number compared to the 8 million jews and outcasts killed by the Nazi's during the war

nandu said...

Are people(Dresden) still living in Fear or these people are forced to do so, not to come out and tell the Truth to the all world about these atrocities commited by the "so called Liberators"

Hope one day ,these Truths will be known to all

Can I see that in the near future?

nandu said...

Its really a shame to know that no one is convicted nor any body has come out openly to discuss these crimes committed by the so called "Liberators"

Anonymous said...

yes you are correct anonymous
the holohoax did happen
don't live the lie

Anonymous said...

Only when the German women realized they could be killed, did the war end.

Same with Japs.

That's how men are. They fight as long as the women will reward them for it.

When the women quit rewarding the men for being macho punks, men quit being macho punks.

See the interview with two SS officers, after the war. They were asked why they joined the SS.

The said "Cause the women liked the uniforms"

If you don't understand this basic psychology - you don't understand anything real.