Friday, November 14, 2008

Den Nordischen

One of Norway's famous fjords

Norwegian girls relax on the grass outside the parliament building in downtown Oslo

Bergen, Norway

Norwegian Soldier

Norwegian girls in traditional Norwegian dress

Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish girls

Midsummer festival in Sweden


Danish and German friendship

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

German girls

Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank, German Army

Oktoberfest, Munich

IdZ (Infanterist der Zukunft) - Infantryman of the Future, Germany

German Nationalists protest in Berlin, December 2007.


Anonymous said...

Only Satan would want to destroy a race as beautiful as this one. That is exactly what the Jews have in mind. Ever notice how ugly Jews are as a race, by the way?

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Matt - you've got one great article after the other ... feel like I just must comment on all of them !

Man , those are some beautiful pics - from the scenery to the frauleins / swiss misses to the robust and happy white youth . What a sight for sore eyes .

Lord willing we'll visit those places one day .

Matt said...

Jeff, this was somewhat of a take-off on your recent "inspiration" post. As Patrick Grimm wrote about, it is beauty that will save, our love for beauty/truth and the desire to preserve it. I would love to visit Scandinavia and Germany. But now that my views are public with the blog, I have to consider whether I could be detained and prosecuted for Holohoax denial or under the "anti-racism" laws. Probably unlikely as they usually go after "big fish", but it makes you think twice.

Anonymous, the Jews are LITERALLY the spawn of Satan and the fallen angels (accounting for their hideous nature both inside and out). If interested, check out the article on the blog titled "Racial origin of the "jews"; not Israelites, but descendants of Khazars, Edomites, Canaanites, Cain, and ultimately Satan" (located under "Crucial Subjects - Selected Articles") for more on that subject.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Well , this will be my 2nd attempt to send : first try said -
google error in sending , internet traffic too heavy -try again later .
Here's fragments ...
Did Patrick Grimm ever get his site going again ? He was almost one stop shopping , know I visited often . Seems gradually more and more of his info was becoming inaccessible until final deletion .

Your pics are certainly more fit for general consumption and still get the point across . I shoulda cropped one pic of mine but reckon when I saw 'em , I mighta slipped a gear 'r sumthin'! It's a hard matter indeed to not admire one of Gods greatest works in all her beauty though ... is this not so :)

Don't know about travel abroad but I'm looking for them to jack up the highway thuggery patrols and checkpoints here . They've been doing this in alot of areas .

Where did I read of some committee or agency being formed to monitor/pursue(?)
"known groups" and individuals described as being
"dangerous", guilty of a record number of death threats upon the obamanated one ?

Betcha they got a whole bunch of boogey men all picked out as the bad guys that'll do just fine .
Crank up the spell inducing machines and
inform the masses of this vile evil in their very midst ! Who can deny their power to convincingly do just that ?

The evil , wicked white supremacists are the culprits .
This is the threat to the glorious raising of the multi - hued kingdom . It would be paradise on earth if not for them and their "racist agendas" .

" well , he musta dun somethin' wrong Martha or the po-leece wouldn't be toting him off like that."

What did Solzhenitzin
say - the organs
( MVD ) are NEVER wrong .

We do not advocate anyone to sin or break Gods law ... quite contrary we promote adherance to Gods law . We are by nature a peace loving people who want only to be left alone . We do not fit in with nor want to be a part of their world - but we know this will not be allowed to happen .

None can deny any the right to self defense . To do otherwise would indicate that this is indeed an enemy ... and one should be treated as such .

Anonymous said...

I know Matt. Ive learned a lot reading Welsey Swift and others like him. They open up spiritual roads that are not often walked upon. I thank God for teachers like him. If only the church would wake up and learn from men like Swift and others. I do not agree with everything they say but that pretty much goes the same for about everyone. I an not even what people would consider an Israelite by blood, but you dont have to be to know the evil that the Edomites propose upon the White race. The Edomite has the same nature as his father ,,Satan,, and it is obvious what thier intentions are. I was once deceived and believed they were God's people like so many others. Now I know the truth and the truth has set me free from so many falsehoods that the mainstream church teaches. I would even say that the churches are controlled by the Cainites. We are all in a spiritual warefare and we are losing at the present time. The Jew will not stop with the Israelites. Any one that calls on the name of the Lord is a target in their eyes. I beleived they massacared sixty million Christians under Stalin,,who of course was of the same tribe. Do Christians think that they will stop at just the outlawing of prayer in school and not allowing Christmas trees???. They wont stop until we are all dead. It is so important that people wake up and wake up now.

Matt said...


I meant to respond earlier to your latest comment above but it slipped my mind.

I read somewhere that Grimm may be looking to get his own website/ he won't have to mess with blogger sites.


Thanks for your comment. And there's absolutely no doubt that the "mainstream" churches are completely controlled by the Jews/Cainites/Edomites. Religion is obviously a major force in society, and they have to control it to further their agenda.

These apostate Judeo-Christian churches are misleading Yahweh's people in so many crucial areas -- eg, keeping them blind as to their identity, teaching the lie that the "jews" are Israelites and that Christians must support them, promoting race-mixing and the multi-cultural agenda, teaching Christians to lay down and accept the "new world order" agenda, etc.