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Ancestors of Jews, the Canaanites, practiced child sacrifice - relation to allegations of 'blood libel', Bohemian Grove, abortion industry

As I discussed in a previous article, modern-day so-called "Jews" are descended from a people known as the Canaanites, who lived in modern-day Palestine in ancient times. The Canaanites worshipped a pagan god called "Molech" - to whom they practiced child sacrifice. The Canaanites also practiced the eating of human flesh as part of their occult rituals. The word "cannibalism" comes from "Canaan" and the demon god "Baal", another one of the Canaanite deities.

The Jews -- according to their Satanic religion rooted in Babylonian occultism -- have continued the practice of child sacrifice down through the ages. In Middle Age Europe, there were widespread reports of Jewish ritual sacrifice of "gentile" children -- in which children were kidnapped, tortured, slaughtered, and the blood of victims is used in various rituals and/or acts of cannibalism. Martin Luther, the father of the Protestant Reformation, confirmed the accounts were true:

"They have been blood thirsty bloodhounds and murderers of all Christendom for more than fourteen hundred years in their intentions, and would undoubtedly prefer to be such with their deeds. Thus they have been accused of poisoning water and wells, of kidnapping children, of piercing them through with an awl, of hacking them in pieces, and in that way secretly cooling their wrath with the blood of Christians, for all of which they have often been condemned to death by fire." --Martin Luther, On the Jews and Their Lies, 1543

The Jews have long denied that such reports are true, dubbing the "false" allegations as "blood libel." But now even modern-day Jewish historians are admitting that the charges of "blood libel" were in many cases true. See here.

Fast forwarding to modern times, the ancient Canaanite ritual of child sacrifice is continued by the ruling Jewish elite at the well-known annual Bohemian Grove meeting, and other similar gatherings around the world. At the Bohemian Grove gathering, Jewish elites, their political puppets, and other powerful individuals (openly and admittedly) conduct a mock human sacrifice ritual called the "cremation of care" in front of a 40-foot-tall owl that represents the Canaanite deity of Molech. Although the ritual is just a caricature of a human sacrifice, there is evidence that real human sacrifices may have been conducted at Bohemian Grove in the past. And who knows what these Jewish elites do at other more secretive gatherings.

Child sacrifice rituals continue to be carried out all over the world, with reports surfacing from time-to-time of child kidnapping and pedophile rings, and "Satanic Ritual Abuse" connected to shadowy elite groups. And the prevalence of such crimes are almost certainly much more widespread than we have been lead to believe by scant reporting in the Jewish-controlled mass media. For example, thousands of children turn up missing and vanish every year -- many certainly victimized in the Jewish-dominated international child sex slave industry, snuff film industry, and used for child sacrifice.

On a final note, although unbeknownst to most people, the practice of abortion is a form of this child sacrifice ritual -- an industry, by the way, which is dominated by Jewish "doctors."

Practitioners of Satanism -- which Talmudic "Judaism" is -- believe that by conducting child sacrifice they are not only pleasing their god Satan, but they are unleashing Satanic power into the world, giving themselves the power to bring in Lucifer's kingdom on earth. And given the acceleration of the Satanic "new world order" conspiracy over the past ~45 years -- during which time some 40 to 50 million children have been murdered via abortion in the United States alone -- who is to say that this belief is unfounded?

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