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Michael James' Last Shout

The Last Shout

By Mike James in Germany – 29 November 2008

It came to me as something of a surprise to learn that the German authorities and their Zionist puppet masters allowed me to remain online until Monday, December 1. So much so, that I could not resist writing one final article, one final shout aimed at the Zionist-Bolshevik takeover of the world we, as children of my generation, once knew as fertile soil for dissent and freedom.

America has just elected an avowed Marxist, aligned with the principles of British Fabianism, to be their president for at least the next four years. McCain would have been no different; for the Zionists and the State of Israel, who control America, stacked their cards to ensure for themselves a satisfactory outcome either way.

We in the European Soviet Union have become accustomed to the gradualism of a Jewish-Freemasonic dominated socialist bureaucracy that stifles freedom of speech and imprisons truth tellers as a matter of course under various strictures aimed at those brave enough to challenge historical orthodoxy and the Zionist manipulation of the usurious banking and financial system. On account of our weakness and cowardice to resist the encroachments upon our liberties, we are now easy prey for the Satanic elites who govern us by decree from Brussels.
At a whim, they haul us before their judicial synagogues in the same fashion as the Spanish Inquisition. No jury. No admissible defence. No escape from Gulag Europa. Case closed.

Now Americans must suffer the same plight. The corporate fascist enabling laws, most of which took shape under executive orders issued by the Clinton and Bush administrations, are now the purloin of the international socialist Obama government. It is my suspicion that the CFR and the Bilderberg cliques have determined that Obama will be a two-term president; and under his auspices Americans will be left disarmed, without any freedom of speech and devoid of the civil liberties they enjoyed prior to the treasonous Bush junta.

It is hardly a surprise to me that Obama has chosen former Clinton insiders, Zionist communitarians, treacherous Israeli dual-citizens and “Common Purpose” advocates as his main advisors. It was a done deal months before his (s)election. Once again, Americans have foolishly allowed themselves to be ensnared by the serpentine hypnotic trance of the City of London and its Zionist overlords.

The new American president may well be the “Black Pope” of which Nostradamus spoke, for the aforesaid recognised no higher authority than the Father of Rome; and America has, by its own volition and servitude to the parasitic Zionist entity, inherited every aspect of the empire that never died but was torn apart by civil war and internal strife. This curse has now been passed to the United States, which will soon experience nothing but disunity, repression, martial law, secession and massive suffering on a scale far surpassing that of the Great Depression.

I am simply an ordinary Englishman living in Germany under the shadow of a plastic Zionist dictatorship and the prospect of arrest and imprisonment due to the opinions I have published over the past few years. Yet I care deeply for my fellow ancestral Europeans in America, for they were always our last hope: comprising the great Alamo of resistance against global Jewish-Zionist tyranny and its much-heralded communist Noahide laws for the Goyim.

Now the Alamo has fallen, and with it nary a chance that the world can be truly free again.

And so the burden of responsibility for the future of our children and our grandchildren lies upon the shoulders of brave individuals in place of steadfast, free and independent nation states. You know who you are, and the decision to do the right thing is yours and yours alone. Nobody will help you. Like me, you’re a lone wolf pining for freedom. Look to no leaders, for there are none; and those who pose as such are merely tools of the state.

These are the days of which the great prophets and seers of all religions spoke. These are not the End of Times, but the beginning of a leaderless resistance: the turning of the tide.

In the early hours of Monday morning, the parasitic Zionists will cut me off from the rest of the world by word and mouth, and I must trust that my letters pass untrammelled through the hands of the German Zionist police state, which has unerringly and successfully connived at depriving me of my income.

But I shall continue to fight to the bitter end, for this is my Alamo. They cannot and will not ever break my spirit. I shall never accept defeat, go down on my knees and lick the boots of the financial and political Master Race. I am, and shall always remain, a defiantly freeborn Englishman.

I refuse to be a slave to those who have torn our world asunder and who have despoiled our culture, our values and our noble heritage with their insane decadence and sneering disrespect.

And you? Will you go gently into the nigh

It's your shout.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The real sin in the Garden of Eden - Not eating an apple, but seduction into sexual sin - Cain the biological offspring of Satan

Note: I will be using the correct names for the Messiah and the Creator, Yahshua and Yahweh, respectively.

For the serious Christian and truth-seeker, this is not a light subject, but one of imperative and profound importance that will enable one to understand the true meaning and message of the Bible. The truth about the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is concealed by the use of figurative language in the Genesis account. Terms such as "tree" and "fruit" are used symbolically. It was not a literal snake that spoke to Eve, and tricked her into eating an apple. Upon close examination of the Genesis account and other Biblical texts in totality, it is clear that what occurred was the seduction of Adam and Eve into sexual sin by Satan. The product of this sin was Cain, the biological son of Satan. This event has defined the rest of, the war on earth between the children of Yahweh (the descendants of Adam) and the children of Satan (the descendants of Cain).

Genesis Account - Correct Understanding of the Text

Gen 2:17 (Yahweh speaking to Adam)
"But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." (KJV)

Genesis 3:3 "But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die." (KJV)

Genesis 3:13: "And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat." (KJV)

Throughout the Bible, the term "tree" is used to symbolically refer to men, angels, or other persons. Examples include referring to the nation of Israel as the "olive tree", and Yahshua as the "tree of life", etc. There is disagreement among scholars as to whether the "trees" in the Garden were other humans, angels, or both. The "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" may refer to the fallen angel Satan, or a race of humans under his influence, and possibly even descended from him and of a satanic bloodline. Unlike the angels of Yahweh who know only good, Satan -- once a loyal servant of Yahweh, but who later rebelled -- knows both good and evil.

The word translated as "eat" in English in Genesis 2:17 and 3:3 above is from the Hebrew word "akal", which means "eat" literally or figuratively, but can also mean to "lay." The word translated as "touch" in English in Genesis 3:3 is from the Hebrew word "naga"(Strong's Hebrew word # 5060), which can be translated as "lay the hand upon", but can also be used euphemistically to mean "to lie with a woman". Both of these terms have sexual meanings and connotations.

Satan, either by himself or using humans under his influence, "beguiled" Eve (that is, sexually seduced her). The scriptures record that Adam then partook of this "fruit" as well, which most likely means that he had sexual relations with a female of the other human races in the garden.

Following their sin, Adam and Eve suddenly became aware and ashamed of their nakedness, and made clothes out of leaves to cover themselves. Would eating an apple cause this reaction? No, but a sin of a sexual nature certainly would. Furthermore, when 'God' pronounced punishment on Adam and Eve, among the punishments was that Eve would have great sorrow in childbirth.

Cain Not Listed as a Descendant of Adam - Was "of the Wicked One"

The Bible contains many genealogies of the descendants of Adam, such as those tracing the ancestry of Yahshua the Messiah all the way back to Adam. In chapter 5 of Genesis, a listing of the descendants of Adam is given. Neither there or anywhere else in the Bible is Cain ever listed among the descendants of Adam. Why? Because Adam was not his father.

The true father of Cain is attested to in the following passage:

1 John 3:8,12: "He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil...Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother." (KJV)

Here the word translated "of" in the KJV is the Greek word #1537 in Strong's Concordance. When used implying a person, it means "a son of or offspring." Other translations, including the "Worldwide English" and "New English" translations, render the passage as "Cain, who was a child of the wicked one."

Some scholars say that based on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Genesis 4:1 has been tampered with, and should read:

"And Adam knew his wife Eve, who was pregnant by Sammael (Satan), and she conceived and bare Cain, and he was like the heavenly beings, and not like the earthly beings, and she said, I have gotten a man from the angel of the Lord."

Prophecy of Conflict Between the 'Seed of the Woman' and the 'Seed of the Serpent'

Yahweh ('God') pronounced judgement on the "serpent", Satan:

Genesis 3:15: "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel."

"Enmity" is defined as "hostility" or "hatred." The "seed" of the woman are the pure-blooded, non-mongrelized descendants of Adam and Eve, while the "seed" of the Serpent are the hybrid offspring of Satan via Cain. The latter part of the above passage predicts the victory of the seed of the woman over the seed of the, that the seed of Adam and Eve (ie, Yahshua the Messiah) would destroy Satan ("bruise his head"), while Satan would cause the death of Yahshua ("bruising his heel").

Identifying The Children of Cain

The descendants of Cain multiplied and became numerous, forming many tribes and nations, including the ancient Hittites, Amalekites, Edomites, and other Canaanite tribes, whom settled in the land encompassing modern-day Palestine. At the time of Yahshua, these descendants of Cain (many of them mongrelized Israelites of the tribe of Judah) were the bulk of the population living in the land of Judea, with only a small remnant of pure-blooded Israelites in the area. They controlled the civil and religious government of Judea, while technically under military rule from Rome. The religion of these Cainites was dominated by the Pharisees, and known at that time as the "tradition of the elders." It originated from Babylonian occultism, carried back to Judea by the remnant of Israelites that returned from captivity in Babylon. It is from these people and this religion that the modern-day "Jews" and "Judaism" trace their roots.

Yahshua condemned the Pharisees and the race of people to which they belonged for what they were -- a "race of vipers" and "of their father the devil." The Cainite Pharisees and "jews" of that day hated Yahshua and conspired to kill him.

Yahshua speaking to the Pharisees:

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. (John 8:44)(KJV)

"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!...Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?...That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar. Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation. " (Matthew 23:29,33, 35-36)(KJV)

Note that "generation" in the above verse is from the Greek word "gennema" (Strong's # 1081), meaning "offspring". And how could Yahshua say that the generation (ie, race) of the Pharisees were responsible for the murder of Abel? Because the people of the Pharisees were the descendants of Cain.

The Cainite-Kenite-Canaanite-Edomite Jews - Satan's Counterfeit "Chosen People"

The goal of Satan since his rebellion and fall has been to be like Yahweh, take His place, and be worshipped as Yahweh. Therefore, Satan seeks to imitate and counterfeit the ways of Yahweh. So as Yahweh has children on the earth to do His will, Satan sought to have his own children who would do his will. The seed of the Serpent work to thwart the will of Yahweh and work to destroy the true children of Yahweh. The sons of Satan have been the primary persecutors of Yahweh's true children down through history. As Cain killed Abel, the Cainites have shed all righteous Adamite blood down through history (Matthew 23:35), including crucifying Yahshua.

Aside from an attempt to destroy Yahweh's true children through mongrelization and corruption of their genetics and prevent the incarnation of Yahshua, the incarnation of Satan into a literal seedline was an attempt to replace the true children of Yahweh with Satan's counterfeit "chosen people" -- ie, the passing off of the Cainite Jews as Israelites. Knowing Yahweh's plan beforehand, Satan even positioned the Cainites in the promised land before both Abraham and the Israelites arrived. Yahweh responded by commanding the children of Israel to completely destroy the Cainite tribes in the land.

The Parable of the Sower

In the 13th chapter of the book of Matthew is recorded a parable Yahshua gave explaining the kingdom of Yahweh. In verse 35 He states "I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world."

He told the story of a man who sowed good seed in a field, but while he slept, an enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat. His servants asked him if they should go and gather the tares, but the sower said no because in doing so they might also pull up some of the wheat, and said rather let both grow until the time of harvest when both would be gathered, with the wheat stored in the barn and the tares burned.

Yahshua explained the meaning of this parable to His disciples, as recorded in Matthew 13:38-39:

"The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one; The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels. As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world."


As the Biblical texts make abundantly clear, there are literal-physical children of Yahweh and literal-physiological-genetic children of Satan on the earth, engaged in a battle for control of the planet. The race of Adam, the white race, are a special creation, and the very children of Yahweh. Their purpose is to take dominion of the earth and bring in the kingdom of Yahweh, and defeat Satan, who was reigning on the earth prior to the creation of Adam. Satan, seeking to thwart this plan, has attempted to corrupt and destroy the race of Adam by mongrelization, first in the Garden of Eden, and continuing from that point onwards. But through Yahshua, the "son of man" (ie, descendant of Adam) and son of Yahweh, Yahweh has obtained ultimate victory over Satan for His children. The time of the "harvest" is now closing in, and Yahweh will use His children to completely destroy the children of the serpent.

Further Resources:

- THE CAIN / SATANIC SEED LINE by Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet

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End This Evil Holocaust Deception - Cultural-Racial Genocide of Germany is First; Rest of Europe and the West to Follow


End This Evil Holocaust Deception

By Mike James in Germany

Just eight months ago, a neighbour of mine gave birth to one of the most astonishingly beautiful babies I have ever seen in my life. Angelika is a giggling, blue-eyed little cherub whose irrepressible curiosity and propensity for breaking things to see what’s inside of them sometimes drives her mother to distraction. She laughs easily, and is delighted by almost everything and everyone she sees.

Angelika is a child of God. She is German, healthy, intuitive, highly intelligent and a naturally loving and trusting little human being with an enormous potential for creativity. She represents the future of a vibrantly free humanity and is a potential exemplar of true womanhood. She embodies everything the Jews hate and wish to destroy.

Within just a few years, this child will be exposed to the monstrous evil of a blood libel that will make her forever loathe her own parentage and nation. Her mind will be poisoned by teachers who will tell her wicked lies about things that simply did not happen and she will be told that Christianity is at the heart of “anti-Semitism”. In line with the Jew Morgenthau’s hatred of the German people and his belief that all Germans are genetically evil and should be castrated at birth [2], she will be taught that she has blood on her hands simply for being born into one of the most remarkable races of human beings that ever walked the face of this planet.

Will Angelika be one of the many thousands of young Germans who eventually abandon their beautiful country for fear of the Jews or hatred of their own kind, never to return? Or will she willingly accept her place as a tax-slave to the illegal, devil-worshipping Ashkenazi state of Israel and bow down to the occult six-pointed star, the Mark of the Beast? [3]

The odds are that she will, because the German government is currently doing everything it can to replace ethnic Germans with Semites and Asiatics in an unprecedented drive to radically restructure the demographics of one of the world’s greatest nations. Germany’s Interior Minister, the “conservative” Wolfgang Schäuble, recently announced that the 120,000 Germans who leave their nation in despair each year can easily be replaced by fast-tracking hordes of uneducated immigrants toward German citizenship.


I have been living in Germany for almost 16 years, and it breaks my heart to see these wonderfully talented and big-hearted people crippled and disfigured by the lies of cockroaches to such an extent that they learn to despise and mistrust their own shadows. So much has changed in the time I have been here that it would be impossible for me to chronicle the magnitude of this cultural genocide within the bounds of a single article; and yet this is a process that has been ongoing since 1945.

Why should this concern non-German Europeans, such as the British, Irish, Americans, Canadians, Australians and other ancestral Europeans? Because, whether you wish to admit it or not, the German people are our forebears, our progenitors, our warrior ancestors. It was from that great Teutonic race that the Saxons, Angles, Franks, Celts, Nordics and Scandinavians derived. Germany is our linguistic and cultural Motherland, and yet we are content to watch culturally barbaric Jews rape the minds of her children while we smugly deride their virtues and support the demonic, Antichrist state of Israel.

But you are next.

Because those of you who are observant enough to detect the shift in nuances slyly propagated by the Zionist media may have noticed that the blame for the fictional “holocaust” is now being shuffled off onto Europeans in general. The reason for this is two-fold. The European Union, having fully absorbed an ethnically cleansed Germany as a sovereign state, is expected to pay the ever-continuing tribute to Israel and its “holocaust” survivors (who seem to multiply by the day). It also justifies the compulsory inculcation of European children in the lies that constitute the Satanic fables of Judaism and Zionism, providing a sufficient grounding for their eventual acceptance of the Noahide Laws of the Jewish-Communist new world order.

As an English schoolchild, my schooling and the BBC propaganda to which I was exposed impressed upon me the manifold evils of those awful Nazis and their heartless cruelty. It took me many of years of hard study in search of the truth to realise that I had been lied to for most of my life. Admittedly, I had the advantage of reading books in England that are forbidden in Germany and, later, the linguistic capacity to read Verboten literature in the original German, which I obtained through sympathetic book dealers who continue to preserve the truth at great risk to their liberty.

It is, of course, a heresy of the highest order for anyone to reassess Hitler and his National Socialist movement in an objective capacity; and although I remain at heart a national libertarian, I have, over the past three years, arrived at a profound understanding of why Hitler was the right man, in the right place, at the right time. And that time has come again, for a Volksgemeinschaft is our only chance of survival should we wish to remain free.


The “holocaust” deception is lethal, for indeed the entire world turns on the pivot of this fantastically creative and malicious lie. It has justified the senseless slaughter of millions of Christians by way of manipulatively steered wars and the slow-motion genocide of the rightful inhabitants of Palestine. It has caused the destruction and desecration of nations such as Iraq and the Lebanon and yet still threatens to bring us all to the brink of a nuclear holocaust over the issue of Iran’s legal, sovereign rights to develop her own nuclear capability.

The deception has given free reign to those who have plunged the entire world into an escalating inflationary cycle of ever-increasing fuel and commodities costs and an economic crisis that threatens to deprive millions of basic food staples and plunge entire nations into civil wars exacerbated by Jewish-inspired mass immigration laws.

The ruinous speculation of Jewish banking cartels (who moved their real wealth out of the markets into gold and real estate at the end of 2006) has guaranteed for us and our children decades of incremental inflation, the escalating outsourcing of manufacturing and labour to the lowest bidder, the liquidation of properly functioning public utilities, and the complete levelling down of western nations to the status of banana republics.

We accept all this because we are afraid of identifying the real enemy of humanity by name, because it is a name that will forever be associated with the victimology of the fictional “holocaust” narrative. Let’s be polite and just call them “Zionists”, or “international bankers”, or the “Illuminati”, or whatever else comes to mind. So afraid of the Jews we are, that we would rather starve or die in a nuclear inferno rather than name them for the evil bastards that they are and take appropriate action against them.


- Introduction to the Holocaust™ Hoax

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Ultimate Reason for the HoloHoax...To Attempt to Prevent a Real Holocaust

All real/genuine/hardcore truthseekers and patriots need to hear the message of the article below. This pertains to the "final solution" to the Jewish problem. As noted by the author, if you have sufficient desire to know what must be done to liberate our people, read on and read to the end.

The REAL REASON for the Holocaust HOAX

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hold on to your hats people, because I am about to drop a bomb shell that most people don't want to witness going off. First, thank your lucky stars that there are still independent thinkers out here that are willing to tell it like it is because I don't drink the poisoned water of apathy and still have the ability to think critically on my own without allowing outside influences and erroneous bullshit sources to cloud my thinking; or to muddy the water.

Now, before I get to the meat of this article, let me get some things straight. I am absolutely NOT a holocaust denier. I know this last sentence has some of you ready to give up reading, but DO NOT stop reading just yet. HEAR me out. I'm not saying "listen". Listening is what children do, and subsequently IGNORE what it is you're saying which then leads to all sorts of disasters like a major mess or worse yet, ending up with one of them getting injured. I am saying HEAR me, and HEAR ME RIGHT, especially on this topic. COMPREHEND what it is I'm telling you and DO NOT forget it.

So, I'm not a holocaust denier, but how can this be from someone who hates the jew so much? I'll tell you, but you're going to need to sit down and grab a cup of coffee, because this DRASTICALLY important rant is one ALL of you need to HEAR, and there is no short way to put it. The reason I am NOT a holocaust denier is because holocausts of LITERALLY 100's of MILLIONS of people have taken place over the last century, and EVERY one of them at the hand of the jew. This is NO conservative figure, and that is totally leaving out anything BEFORE the 20th century. (NOTE: Thanks to the JEW writing most of what we know of history, all figures represented herein may be somewhat up for debate, and/or nearly impossible to nail down exactly.)

I do NOT deny there was a holocaust during and between the major world wars of last century, or even still occuring today, but I'm telling you right now there was NO 6 million jewish holocaust. That was a total fake, a hoax, a sham, a swindle, a lie, etc., and I'll get to WHY they faked this in a moment. I'll give you one major hint to chew on for now. It was NOT to create a jewish homeland in Palestine.


The WHOLE reason these critters scammed you all with their hoax is this: to KEEP YOU from EVER thinking, let alone TALKING of and ACTING out a REAL and PERMANENT holocaust of EVERY last stinking, filthy, rotten, flea infested, crooked eyed, monster faced, scum bag, thieving, lying, ritual and mass murdering demonic jewish BEAST on this planet, and THAT is IT!


Read the rest here.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Germany Bans the Celtic Cross

Meanwhile the communist-bolshevik hammer and sickle, symbolic of the systematic genocide of 40+ million white christians and 60+ million Chinese is untouched and celebrated by the Judeo Establishment. What's next, banning the symbol of the cross? Banning mention of a cross? Banning the flag of Germany? Banning words and languange making reference to a cross, the Nordic white race, or Christianity?

This is not about being sympathetic to real genocides (of which the Holohoax, obviously, was not) or "hate speech" (which is clearly a ruse for censorship). It's an attack on the cultural and racial identity of the German people. It's about the destruction of a race of people and their, the Germanic-Nordic white race and Christianity.

Article in German:


Federal High Court forbids Celtic cross

Friday, 14 November, 2008

Karlsruhe (AP) the public use of the Celtic Cross is generally forbidden and punishable after a judgement of the Federal High Court. The prohibition is considered also, if no connection with the unconstitutional neo-Nazi organization is manufactured, the cross as emblem used, as the BGH communicated on Friday. Therefore decided the 3. Criminal senate that in each case the criminal offence existence of using characteristics of unconstitutional organizations would be fulfilled.

The symbol, a bar cross with a ring in the intersection, is used by the forbidden anticonstitutional “people-socialist movement of Germany/a party of the work (VSBD/PdA)” as emblem, but is considered also as harmless symbol in particular in culture-historical or religious connections.

The Karlsruher judge explained, only by a general prohibition it was guaranteed that again as symbol of the forbidden combination in the public life will not establish the cross can. Only if the symbol is used obviously in a harmless connection, it is not punishable.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Flood of Noah Was Not Worldwide


The idea of a worldwide flood at the time of Noah is a misconception arising out of inexact translations and a misinterpretation of the Biblical text. As supported by a correct translation and understanding of the Biblical text, history, archaeology, logic, and the best available scientific evidence, the flood of Noah's day was a localized flood in the area of the Tarim Basin, located north of Tibet in modern-day western China.

Genesis account - Correct translation - Hebrew word translated as "earth" should be understood as "land" or "country"

According to modern-day translations, the text in Genesis records that waters were on the face of the whole "earth" (Gen. 7:17), and that all life was to be destroyed from the face of the "earth" (Gen. 7:4). The word translated as "earth" in these passages is the Hebrew word "erets" (Strong's Hebrew word #776, check in Strong's Concordance here).

The Hebrew word "erets" can refer to the entire world or planet earth, but also can be translated to mean "country", "field", "ground", and "land" (check in Hebrew lexicon here). "Erets" is rarely used in the Bible to refer to the entire planet, and most often used to refer to a limited geographical area -- eg, it is translated "land" 1,476 times, "country" 140 times, and "ground" 96 times in the Old Testament.

For example, in Genesis 4:14 the King James translation says that Cain was driven "from the face of the earth" when punished by Yahweh. Cain was not banished to another planet, but rather from the land or country where Adam and Eve lived.

Historical Evidence - Ancient civilizations have uninterrupted history going back to and before flood

According to the Bible, the flood in Genesis occurred in approximately 2345 B.C. At this period in history, there were many great civilizations existing on the earth. Based upon written historical records and archaeological evidence, we know that several of these civilizations, including those of Egypt, China, and Sumer (Mesopotamia), have an uninterrupted history going back until and before the time of Noah's flood. Egypt, for instance, has an uninterrupted line of Kings from 2000 B.C. going back to at least 3000 B.C. These civilizations were never wiped out by any worldwide flood.

The problem of gathering and storing the entire planet's animals on the ark

Noah was commanded to take two of each species of animal onto the ark. Assuming Noah had to gather animals from all over the earth, are we really to believe that Noah travelled to South America, Australia, Antarctica, and every continent on earth to find every single species of animal, bird, and insect? Further, the ark was woefully small to accommodate for living space and food storage (for almost a year) for earth's estimated 1 million species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects.

Understanding that the flood was localized to the area where Noah and his countrymen lived (a region hypothetically the size of the state of Montana or Germany), then the task of taking all species within that area onto the ark becomes possible, and quite feasible.

The problem of all modern human races originating from Noah's family

According to the misinterpretation of the story, all people of the earth were destroyed except for Noah, his wife, and his three sons and their wives. Therefore, we are lead to believe that all the people on earth today are descended from these eight survivors of the flood. But how could Noah's sons and their wives possibly produce the variety in the human races today -- blacks, whites, asians, etc? This is no problem for those who also mistakenly believe that all the human races could have originated from Adam and Eve. As I discussed in another article, this is genetically and biologically impossible, and not supported by the Biblical text. The truth is that Adam and Eve are the ancestors of the white race only. And there were other humans on the earth prior to the creation of Adam and Eve, which is why, for instance, Cain feared other people would kill him after he was banished from the garden of Eden, and how Cain was able to find a wife, have his own descendants, and build a city after being banished from Adam & Eve and their descendants.

Location of the Flood

The Bible records that after Adam and Eve were banished from the garden of Eden, they were driven to the east. This is where the descendants of Adam, including Noah, dwelled at the time of the flood. In order to locate this area, we must first know where the garden of Eden was located. Based on ancient extra-biblical sources -- including Chinese, Indian, and Persian traditions -- and the description of Eden given in the Biblical texts, Eden was a land east of Mesopotamia notable for having four rivers flowing through it. Using this evidence, the location of the garden of Eden is most likely the area of the Pamir Plateau, located northeast of the Hindu-Cush Mountains in modern-day Eastern Turkistan. Just east of the Pamir Plateau is a vast area approximately 650 miles long by 350 miles wide rimmed by high mountains known as the Tarim Basin, located in modern day western China. On a related note, one of the ongoing "mysteries" (to many archaeologists) was the discovery in the 1990s of mummies with blonde hair of Nordic-European stock in the Tarim Basin.


This, along with other misunderstandings of the Biblical texts -- including the myth of an earth that is only 6,000 years old and the erroneous belief in the common ancestry of all the human races -- are areas that give support to the notion that the Biblical texts are historically inaccurate, at odds with science, and unreliable as sources -- having disastrous effect upon the faith of millions of people in Yahweh and the Bible.

When translated and interpreted correctly, the Biblical texts are credible, and consistent with history, archaeology, and science.

Further Resources:

- 'NOAH'S FLOOD WAS NOT WORLD WIDE' by Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet
- Facts & Fictions Regarding Noah's Flood
- 'AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH' by Dr. Wesley A. Swift (see second half of article)
- 'The Flood of Noah' by Pastor Mark Downey

Other Articles of Interest:

- Yahshua the Messiah was not a 'jew'
- The myth of the "brotherhood" of humanity; Adam not the first man, but father of only the white race
- Yahweh Prohibits Race-Mixing and Commands Racial Purity and Segregation
- Racial origin of the "Jews"; not Israelites, but descendants of Khazars, Edomites, Canaanites, Cain, and ultimately Satan
- Paul, aka Saul of Tarsus the Pharisee - A False Apostle, Infiltrator, and Subverter
- The real sin in the Garden of Eden - Not eating an apple, but seduction into sexual sin - Cain the biological offspring of Satan
- Bible does not say that Earth is only 6,000 years old, only that Adam & Eve created 6,000 years ago - Life existed in previous ages, then destroyed
- The Pagan-Babylonian Origin of Easter

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Texe Marrs Uncensored - 11-18-08 Interview with Daryl Bradford Smith

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

In the opening of the interview, Texe thanks Daryl that he can speak freely and uncensored on Daryl's program, as Texe is restricted as to what he can talk about on many other programs. This is obviously in reference to "naming the Jew" as the driving force behind world events and the "new world order" conspiracy. Those who have heard Texe on the Alex Jones Show, for instance, will note that Texe does not go this far -- ie, Alex Jones imposes censorship on the Jewish Question.

"The majority of Americans are under the hypnotic control of jews. This is a jewish nation, ok....Most of the people are controlled by the news media, by Hollywood, by our movies, by our radio, and our television networks, and certainly by Washington D.C., the political establishment, our banking establishment, our corporate world. Everything is owned by jews, controlled by jews." -Texe Marrs

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Austrian Government Study Confirms Genetically Modified (GM) Crops Threaten Human Fertility and Health Safety


White backlash following Obama election - Rise of white nationalist and secession movements - ADL, SPLC, Mossad, Feds monitoring

The Jewish media plays down the rising white backlash as just a "fringe" movement, associating it with juvenile "pranks" and "hate crimes." But the reality is that we are a much more powerful force than they will admit. They wouldn't have the SPLC, ADL, and FBI infiltrators monitoring white patriots if we weren't a threat.

Granted only a small percentage of "racially aware" and conservative whites will openly call themselves "white nationalists", but that is just semantics. There is a substantial set of the white population that are hard line conservatives, patriotic, "racialist", freedom-loving, and who support secession from the United States. I would estimate these account for around 20-25% of the entire population, and 33% of the white population at present time. And many more whites are poised and likely to join the cause as conditions in the country worsen, especially with tough economic times ahead. The possibility of secession -- especially in some southern states -- is a very real prospect.

This "spark" that is the current "underground" white nationalist movement could very easily burst into a flame, and then a conflagration that sweeps away the current Jewish order.

Article: "After Obama's win, white backlash festers in US"


'The American secessionist streak' - at least 20% of Americans support right of states to seceed from the U.S.

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Holohoaxianity - Jews totally obsessed with the Holohoax - more important than their god Lucifer - most important non-event in world history

LA Times: "Holocaust's unholy hold"


Introduction to the Holocaust™ Hoax

Israelis Signaling US Attack 'Far Bigger Than 911'

(Editor's note - DEBKA is a well-known Mossad information/disinformation outlet. To the best of our knowledge and according to the experts we trust and respect, there is no such thing as 'al Qaeda' any more than it existed in its original form as a CIA construct. Further, Osama bin Laden is, in all likelihood, no longer above room temperature. The 'warning' below is another indication of a major false flag 9-11, the 7-7 London bombings, the Spain train massacre, the Bali slaughter, etc. The Israelis often seem to warn about such attacks...and years later wind up being prime suspects or are somehow alleged to be involved in them. In this case, a nice clear warning would give them a post-attack blanket of insulation and plausible deniability. Always use critical thinking when reading these sorts of things. See earlier examples of Mossad 'warnings,' etc, below.)

Israelis Signaling US Attack 'Far Bigger Than 911'

DEBKAfile Updates DEBKA-Net-Weekly Exclusive
November 16, 2008

Osama bin Laden plans to test Barack Obama like two former US presidents

DEBKAfile's counter-terror sources report that US president-elect Barack Obama, European and Russian heads of state in Washington for the G20 conference over the weekend were briefed about a probable early al Qaeda attack.

Obama and his team have been advised that a new al Qaeda strike is highly probable in the United States or against a key US target in Europe, North Africa or the Middle East.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly 372 of Nov. 14 disclosed that al Qaeda's Yemen base, a reliable barometer for Osama bin Laden's schemes, issued a Directive to All Fighters in Arabia on Nov. 9 presaging a major operation in the United States that will "change the political and economic world" and be "far bigger than 9/11."

To subscribe to DEBKA-Net-Weekly click HERE .

The notice said "the operation is very near" and "precise instructions were in the hands of "the fighters, who are already on their way to America" armed with bin Laden's orders. The pretext offered for the attack is the rejection by the US and Europe of al Qaeda's four-year old truce offer whose original pre-condition was the withdrawal of their armies from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The day after the new president's election, al Qaeda issued a little-noticed statement declaring Barack Obama a murtad, i.e. an apostate whose betrayal of Islam is judged the most heinous. Believers have the duty to execute a murtad unlike other non-believers whose death sentence is optional.

Thursday night, Nov. 14, Central Intelligence Director Gen. Michael Hayden said: "Al Qaeda, operating from its safe haven in Pakistan's tribal areas, remains the most clear and present danger to the United States." He was addressing a Washington think-tank.

"Today, virtually every major terrorist threat that my agency is aware of has threads back to the tribal areas. Whether it is command and control, training, direction, money, capabilities, there is a connection to the FATA (Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas.)"

Hayden also mentioned Yemen and Somalia as important al Qaeda theaters of operation.

In private, most heads of the intelligence agencies fighting al Qaeda admit that an attack on the United States or major American interest outside is only a matter of time.

"How 9/11 was done" - 9/11 attacks carried out by Mossad

Excellent detailed analysis on how the Mossad carried out 9/11 on a logistical and operational level.

How 9/11 was done

28 oktober 2008


9/11 was a master plot, concocted by a handfull of Israelis and dual passport Americans and carried out by the resources of the Mossad.

Larry Silverstein buys a nearly worthless WTC building complex (worthless due to the asbestos the buildings were stuffed with and needed to be cleaned up, the cost of which may have rivaled the value of the buildings themselves) weeks before 9/11, makes sure it is over-ensured against terrorist acts, tellingly with a german ensurer, next hires an israeli security firm and in the weekend before 9/11 cuts off power in all the WTC buildings with 'maintenance' as an excuse, so the buildings are virtually empty. At that moment the coast is clear to let a team of demolition experts from the israeli army led by Peer Segalovitz into the WTC buildings. These charges plus detonators had been prepared at the premises of the Urban Moving Systems company, a Mossad front. During this weekend these prepared charges were loaded into vans, driven into the basement of WTC next to the elevator shaft, unloaded into the elevator, and lifted onto the roof of the elevator through the openening in the elevator ceiling. Next the elevator moved from floor to floor while charges where being attached to the columns as displayed in this video from 0:22 onwards. The detonators of these charges were radiographic controlled and finally detonated from WTC7 on the day of 9/11.

Fast backward, Hamburg 54 Marienstrasse, july 2000, 22:40. Mohamed Atta, Al Shehhi and Jarrah (who were later blamed of being the pilots of flight 11, 175 and 93 respectively), who share the apartment hear the ringing of the door bell. Jarrah opens the door, 5 masked men make their way into the apartment with drawn pistols. The 3 Arabs are forced to lay on the ground. Their passports are confiscated, next the 3 men are made unconscious with some liquid and strangled to death afterwards. The bodies are carried out of the apartment into a van and driven off towards a desolate spot at the boarding of the Elbe river outside Hamburg, 1 kilometer north of Borstel and disposed of into the river with a bag filled with stones tied to their feet. The 3 passports are now in the possession of the agents of the Mossad, who carried out the raid on the apartment and 3 Arabs have vanished without anybody knowing that they are dead. Not long after the raid the 3 passports are given to 3 israeli agents who were selected on having some resemblance with the 3 Arabs just killed. They make for America soon afterwards in the summer of 2000 and start laying a trail at flight schools, posing with the stolen identities from the 3 Arabs killed.

Years earlier the israeli Michael Goff working for PTech, an arab owned software company that developes key enterprise software for many government institutions like Norad and FAA, using his secure channel with another israeli Amit Yoran, somehow manages to give israeli army computer programmers access to this critical computer code. It was due to this manipulation that the hijackings on 9/11 remained unnoticed by the flight controller of Norad. Once this was in place the planes could be taken over by remote control and flown into the World Trade Center.

The hijacking of airliners by remote control had been tested as a dress rehearsel for 9/11 on the Egypt Air flight 990 that crashed into the Atlantic on october 31, 1999.

Now everything was in place to commit the crime of the century. On the day of 9/11 the israeli stand-ins for the 'arab hijackers' showed up at the predestined departure airports to make sure they were captured on surveillance camera's. The crucial point here is that the security at both the departure airports was in hands of an israeli firm, a subsidiary of the dutch based but israeli owned ICTS led by a fellow named Menahem Atzmon. And this is crucial: Atzmon used to be a collegue with Olmert in 1998. So there you have the link between the 9/11 operative level (an airport security firm) and the highest level of israeli politics. What happened on the morning of 9/11 was that after the israeli stand-ins were captured on camera, they left the airport via a side entrance and the show could begin. Minutes after the planes became airborn somebody somehow was able to send a signal to the planes via the transponders, causing the control panels to be disabled and the flight destination altered. What happened was that an anti-hijack system was activated (code word 'home run') and the regular pilot was put out of control. This pilot will probably have tried frantically to regain control of his aircraft. It is not very likely he will have told his passengers about the new situation since that would only cause panic. The passengers probably suspected nothing and hence had no reason to make any phone calls to their relatives. And while the 9/11 passengers unsuspecting travel towards their immanent deaths, on the ground israeli agents carry out phone calls to relatives of the passengers that were still in the air, using voice morphing technology and caller-ID spoofing and thus planted the Arabs-did-it-deception in the public consciousness. The sound samples necessary to carry out the fake telephone calls had been obtained via the israeli infiltration of american telephone networks by israeli firms like Amdocs and Verint. By the time that the passengers were puzzled as they discerned the New York sky line it was already too late. BANG!!

Meanwhile on the other side of the Hudson river the members of the israeli team that planted the demolition charges were waiting for things to happen. And while the rest of New York experienced in horror the events that were unfolding that day, the demoliton experts were celebrating and high-fiving. The plot had worked out magnificently.


Ok, I admit. Some elements in this story are speculative. But the story is an coherent educated speculation. Myriads of web sites exist that expose the inconsistencies in the official story, that obviously is a fraud. This story offers an integral explanation of what could have happened and in all likelyhood did happen at 9/11 as there can be hardly any doubt about who was behind 9/11 if one rejects the official story. Some elements remain vague, like what happened exactly to WTC7, flight77, flight93 or Mohamed Atta. But these questions are of academic interest only. It's clear who was behind 9/11 and what happened in detail with WTC-1/2 and the planes. That is enough. Here's where most people got killed. The rest of the plot can be uncovered by a tribunal.

If you are interested to learn what material is available to back this story up, please read on.

Many people realise that the official explanation of the 9/11 events is implausible. Prof. David Ray Griffin for instance has written several books detailing what is implausible about the official story, hereafter dubbed as the Arab Conspiracy Theory (ACT). The aim of this blog will be to present a competing conspiracy theory, dubbed as the Israeli Conspiracy Theory (ICT) to see who might win this competion. I do not claim to present much original material, almost all of the ICT proposed here is based on the work of Christopher Bollyn, see this link for his theory about who was behind 9/11. My added value will be to collect additional material from the net, like youtube videos and the like and to add some ideas and speculations of my own.

Read the rest here.

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The Founders on the Right To Keep and Bear Arms

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." -Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

"The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age..." -Title 10, Section 311 of the U.S. Code.

"The right of the people to keep and bear...arms shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country..." -James Madison, I Annals of Congress 434 (June 8, 1789)

"We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists." - Patrick Henry

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined." —Patrick Henry

"The Constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." —Samuel Adams

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." -George Washington

"...arms...discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. ...Horrid mischief would ensue were (the law-abiding) deprived the use of them." -Thomas Paine

"The Constitution of most of our states assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed." -Thomas Jefferson

"And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms....The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants." -Thomas Jefferson

"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." -Thomas Jefferson

"Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. the supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any bands of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States." -Noah Webster, An Examination into the Leading Principles of the federal Constitution (1787) in Pamphlets to the Constitution of the United States (P. Ford, 1888).

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Martin Luther was an "anti-Semite" - "On the Jews and Their Lies", 1543

Martin Luther, the German scholar/theologian and father of the Protestant Revolution, wrote a treatise in 1543 titled "On the Jews and Their Lies" warning Christians in the most serious terms of the destructive influence of the Jews, advocating their banishment from European society.  Luther argues that the jews are such a threat that their synagogues should be set on fire, their rabbis forbidden to preach, the homes of jews burned, their property confiscated, they be shown no mercy or legal protection, and they should be expelled from Christian/European society.  He even advocates killing jews, writing "we are at fault in not slaying them."

Luther was very knowledgeable of the religion, nature, origins, and influence of the Jews - having actually read the Talmud and studied history. Yet his general negative view on the Jews should be understood as representing that of the majority of both educated and common Europeans of his time, given that around that time in much of Europe Jews were known as subversive and required by authorities to be segregated from white Europeans in ghettos.

The modern reader may be shocked by the severity of the condemnation of the Jews by Luther. Luther states that the Jews are literally "children of the devil" and a "brood of vipers" (as Jesus is recorded in the Bible to have condemned the Pharisees). According to Luther, the Jews are an exceedingly diabolical race -- masters of evil -- who are literally aligned with and doing the work of Satan on earth -- engaging in the most extreme forms of wickedness, treachery, lying, and subversion known to history.

Luther describes the Jews as an accursed, malicious, greedy, cunning, treacherous, thieving, and greatly evil people, who are descended from the very people who murdered the Messiah, who deeply hate Christianity and the true chosen people of the Heavenly Father, and are working in every possible way to undermine and destroy Western Christian civilization. Among other things, Luther analyzes the Talmud, including its vicious hatred of Jesus and Christians, as well as recounting the many times Jews have been expelled from European nations.

Luther makes special effort to warn against the practice of usury, which Luther rightly observes is the devilish modus operandi by which the Jews work to enslave the masses, while enriching themselves enormously and setting themselves up as our rulers and masters. The modern student of history knows too well that Luther was precisely on the mark, as usurious banking is indeed the method by which the ruling Jewish elite have gained their immense wealth and power in the world.

LINK to the text of "On the Jews and Their Lies" by Martin Luther

Quoted below are some of the more significant passages:

"Why, their Talmud and their rabbis record that it is no sin for a Jew to kill a Gentile, but it is only a sin for him to kill a brother Israelite. Nor is it a sin for a Jew to break his oath to a Gentile. Likewise, they say that it is rendering God a service to steal or rob from a Goy, as they in fact do through their usury. For since they believe that they are the noble blood and the circumcised saints and we the accursed Goyim, they cannot treat us too harshly or commit sin against us, for they are the lords of the world and we are their servants, yes, their cattle.

...they installed money-changers, traders, and all sorts of usurers in the temple, prompting our Lord to say that they had made the house of God into a den of robbers [Matt. 21:13; Luke 19:46]. Now figure out for yourself what a great honor that is and how the temple is filled with such glory that God must call his own house a den of robbers because so many souls had been murdered through their greedy, false doctrine, that is, through double idolatry. The Jews still persist in such doctrine to the present day. They imitate their fathers and pervert God's word. They are steeped in greed, in usury, they steal and murder where they can and ever teach their children to do likewise.


Someone may think that I am saying too much. I am not saying too much, but too little- for I see their writings. They curse us Goyim. In their synagogues and in their prayers they wish us every misfortune. They rob us of our money and goods through their usury, and they play on us every wicked trick they can. And the worst of it is that they still claim to have done right and well, that is, to have done God a service. And they teach the doing of such things. No pagan ever acted thus; in fact, no one acts thus except the devil himself, or whomever he possesses, as he has possessed the Jews.


For it [ie, the Jewish religion - my emphasis] abounds with witchcraft, conjuring signs, figures, and the tetragrammaton of the name, that is, with idolatry, envy, and conceit. Moreover, they are nothing but thieves and robbers who daily eat no morsel and wear no thread of clothing which they have not stolen and pilfered from us by means of their accursed usury. Thus they live from day to day, together with wife and child, by theft and robbery, as arch-thieves and robbers, in the most impenitent security. For a usurer is an arch-thief and a robber who should rightly be hanged on the gallows seven times higher than other thieves.


Further, they presume to instruct God and prescribe the manner in which he is to redeem them. For the Jews, these very learned saints, look upon God as a poor cobbler equipped with only a left last for making shoes. This is to say that he is to kill and exterminate all of us Goyim through their Messiah, so that they can lay their hands on the land, the goods, and the government of the whole world. And now a storm breaks over us with curses, defamation, and derision that cannot be expressed with words. They wish that sword and war, distress and every misfortune may overtake us accursed Goyim. They vent their curses on us openly every Saturday in their synagogues and daily in their homes. They teach, urge, and train their children from infancy to remain the bitter, virulent, and wrathful enemies of the Christians.

This gives you a clear picture of their conception of the fifth commandment and their observation of it. They have been blood thirsty bloodhounds and murderers of all Christendom for more than fourteen hundred years in their intentions, and would undoubtedly prefer to be such with their deeds. Thus they have been accused of poisoning water and wells, of kidnaping children, of piercing them through with an awl, of hacking them in pieces, and in that way secretly cooling their wrath with the blood of Christians, for all of which they have often been condemned to death by fire."

External links:
1. Extracts from Martin Luther's "On the Jews and Their Lies"

Other Articles of Interest:

- The Roots of Anti-Semitism - Why Do People Hate the Jews?
- Racial origin of the "Jews"; not Israelites, but descendants of Khazars, Edomites, Canaanites, Cain, and ultimately Satan
- An introduction to 'The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' - Blueprint for Jewish World Conquest
- Introduction to the Holocaust™ Hoax
- The Mystery of the True Descendants of the Israelites - The White Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and Kindred Peoples

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Den Nordischen

One of Norway's famous fjords

Norwegian girls relax on the grass outside the parliament building in downtown Oslo

Bergen, Norway

Norwegian Soldier

Norwegian girls in traditional Norwegian dress

Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish girls

Midsummer festival in Sweden


Danish and German friendship

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

German girls

Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank, German Army

Oktoberfest, Munich

IdZ (Infanterist der Zukunft) - Infantryman of the Future, Germany

German Nationalists protest in Berlin, December 2007.

Truth about the Jonestown Massacre - Mass murder, not suicide - CIA mind-control experiment site - Jim Jones self-proclaimed "reincarnation of Lenin"

Barring the author's mistaken view regarding the Holocaust Hoax, an incisive piece.




On November 18, 1978, 913 people died in Jonestown, a small compound carved out of the jungles of Guyana, a small country on the northeast coast of South America. The media at the time reported that it was a fanatical group of followers of the Rev. Jim Jones, lead to the jungles of South America to get away from the oppression of life here in America. They also reported that his followers willingly followed their leader into the great beyond by sipping on some cyanide cocktails, flavored with purple Kool-Aid. In fact, the notion of a mass suicide at Jonestown has been repeated so many times that it is accepted as fact, and the association is so strong that when most people hear "Jonestown," the first thing which pops in their head is "Kool-Aid." This association is false.

The source of the "Kool-Aid Suicide" stories was the U.S. State Department, which presented the story immediately after the "suicides" were reported as though it was the only obvious truth. A U.S. Army spokesman pronounced with complete authority, "No autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not an issue here." The bodies were then allowed to rot in the jungle. Despite the lack of need for autopsies, Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo, the top Guyanese pathologist, was at Jonestown hours after the deaths, and, refusing the assistance of U.S. pathologists, accompanied the teams that examined the bodies. His conclusions? Dr. Mootoo found fresh needle marks at the back of the left shoulder blades on 80 to 90 percent of the victims. Others had been shot or strangled. A surviving witness stated that those who resisted were forced by armed guards to comply. Dr. Mootoo's opinion, and that of the Guyanese grand jury investigating Jonestown, was that all but three (only two of which were suicides) were murdered by "persons unknown."


The original death count was 408 (an odd number to use if the number was an estimate), with the added claim that 700 had fled into the jungle. The final total was changed to 913. To explain this rather minor difference in arithmetic, American authorities first explained that those backward ignorant Guyanese "could not count." Perhaps because the first "official" explanation of the bad math was so insulting, it was then proposed that they missed a pile of bodies, as if a pile of dead bodies is something that is easily overlooked. Finally, the official explanation that settled the whole question was presented: Bodies were stacked on top of each other.

Of the 150 photos taken of the massacre, not one shows any body lying under any others. Those who first worked on the bodies, to release the gasses of decay, had to puncture the dead, making it unlikely that they missed anyone. These facts aside, one must wonder how 408 bodies -- 82 belonging to children -- could cover 505 others. Talk about bad math. With minor exceptions, pictures show the dead were found in neat rows, face down. The pictures also show drag marks leading to the bodies, indicating that victims were murdered elsewhere and placed there by someone else. These facts have lead to a more likely conclusion: 408 was indeed the correct original body count. The other 505 were hunted down and slaughtered, then dragged back. But who would do such a thing, and why? Furthermore, why were American officials giving such deceptive answers about Jonestown? To answer these questions, one must unravel the mystery of a man named Jim Jones. Jones became a Bible-thumping "faith healer," using wet chicken livers as evidence of cancer which he removed by "divine powers." He adopted eight children, some black, some white. Already the stench of criminal activity surrounded him, and his landlady referred to him as "a gangster who used the Bible instead of a gun." Fortunately for Jones, the local police chief at the time was Dan Mitrione, a friend from childhood. Mitrione kept him from being arrested or run out of town. Mitrione would later enter the International Police Academy, a CIA front for training counterinsurgency and torture techniques.

Despite having few sources for known funds, Jones found enough money to travel with his wife and family to Brazil in 1961. Coincidentally, Mitrione was there as well, having advanced quickly in the IPA. Mitrione had honed his skills at torture and assassination by practicing on kidnapped beggars. He himself was later kidnapped and murdered by guerrillas in Uruguay, an incident which became the basis of the Costa Gavras film State of Siege. Jones made regular trips to Belo Horizonte, site of CIA headquarters in Brazil -- and Mitrione's town of residence. Apparently, this wasn't the only curious intelligence link to Jones. He told some of his neighbors that he was involved in the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence. The U.S. embassy provided Jones with transportation, groceries, and a large home. Considering his dear friendship to Mitrione and the funding of "ministries" in Latin America by the CIA, the theory that Jones was a U.S. intelligence asset makes quite a bit of sense. In any case, according to his neighbor, Jones "lived like a rich man."


Despite his rather right-wing background, Jones suddenly declared himself a liberal socialist -- in fact, he called himself a dual reincarnation of both Jesus Christ and Lenin. At this point, a cloud of suspicion began to gather around his church, which was staffed by jack-booted armed thugs who dressed in black uniforms.

Jones took everything he could from his followers, much of it in the form of welfare and social security checks, using blackmail, extortions, and any other available means. The local press reported about seven mysterious deaths of those who attempted to leave the "church" due to conflicts with Jones. Accusations of kidnapping, beatings, and sexual abuse began to circulate. To escape controversy, Jones moved to San Francisco and became an important fundraiser for the Bay area political establishment. Soon, he was schmoozing with the liberal and radical elite, meeting with (among others) Rosalynn Carter and Angela Davis. Jones was rewarded by being put in charge of the city Housing Commission, and key followers were awarded jobs in the Welfare Department. The bulk of Jones' flock came from the unemployed and dispossessed people found there. The cult preyed on the poor and helpless, going out of its way to enlist women, children and minorities. Many members were recruited directly from San Francisco mental hospitals. However, the move to San Francisco did little to quiet the controversy surrounding his "church," and a 1977 expose put Jones on the defensive. He then moved his Utopia to Guyana, aided once again by the U.S. Embassy. After receiving complaints lodged by relatives of cult members, Congressman Leo Ryan visited Jonestown on November 18, 1978 to investigate allegations of human rights abuses. Congressman Ryan, a noted CIA critic, had authored the Hughes-Ryan Amendment, which would have required the CIA to disclose to Congress -- in advance -- details of all covert operations. The State department offered Ryan no answers or assistance, despite numerous inquiries. He arrived with U.S. embassy official Richard Dwyer, as well as some journalists. Among the reporters was Tim Reiterman, who had covered the Patty Hearst story for the San Francisco Examiner. In all likelihood, Ryan already suspected what was really going on at Jonestown. That was when all hell broke loose.

At the airstrip, Leo Ryan soon became the first congressman to die in the line of duty, along with four reporters. (The Hughes-Ryan Amendment was killed in Congress soon afterwards.) The assassins were described by witnesses as "glassy eyed," "mechanically-walking zombies," and "devoid of any emotion." Dwyer and Reiterman were also shot. Soon after that, the mass slaughter began. A plausible explanation for the events that unfolded is that Jim Jones (or someone else) ordered the murders after Ryan's unexpected visit threatened to expose what was happening. In the chaos that followed, a mass extermination was carried out. Just who were the zombie assassins? Well, besides the 913 dead, 167 survivors returned from the camp. All news reports concede that there were at least 1100 individuals at the camp (and most reports place the number at 1200.) Who are these 200 or more people unaccounted for? The survivors report that there was a special all-white group that was well-armed, well-treated and free to exit the compound. These guards were never accounted for by any news reports.

Perhaps it is these same guards (assuming the total population was 1200) whom a congressional aide was referring to in an Associated Press quote which stated, "There are 120 white, brainwashed assassins out from Jonestown awaiting the trigger word to pick up their hit." Of course, they may have had a little help. Over 300 U.S. Green Berets -- trained for CIA covert assassinations -- were in the area at the time. So were nearly 600 British Black Watch commandos, who were in Guyana conducting a "training exercise." Suddenly, the death toll seems relatively low. The killings didn't stop in Guyana.


Michael Prokes, a Jones aide, held a press conference and stated that the CIA and FBI were withholding an audiotape of the massacre. He also stated that he was an FBI informant. Right after that, he went to the restroom... and never left. His death was proclaimed a "suicide." In Georgetown, several more Temple members were killed following the Guyana massacre. The man charged with the murders, Charles Beikman, was an early follower of Jones who had become an "adopted son." Beikman was also a Green Beret. Jeanne and Al Mills, who were writing a book on Jonestown, were bound and shot to death at their home. In Detroit another survivor was killed near his home, and yet another was involved in a mass murder of school children in Los Angeles. Ironically, the dead may not have included Jim Jones himself. The body alleged to be his didn't show his tattoos in the photographs. Fingerprints had to be checked twice, and his dental records were never looked at. He was known to use doubles.


Add in the FBI files on the Black Panthers and Weathermen found at the site, an attempt to lure Mark Lane (JFK assassination critic and James Earl Ray lawyer, among other things) and Donald Freed (Lane's sometime JFK collaborator and Simpson case investigator who linked the Brentwood murders to Mafia in the L.A. underworld) to Guyana (which succeeded in having Lane witness the airstrip murders after Jones hired him as a lawyer), and a bizarre plot to kidnap Grace Walden Stephens (a key Martin Luther King assassination witness) and smuggle her to Jonestown, and you have the makings of a full fledge spook operation.


Congressman Ryan probably suspected that Jonestown was a front for sinister covert activity. In 1980, Ryan aide Joseph Holsinger received a paper entitled "The Penal Colony," which explained that CIA MKULTRA operations did not terminate in 1973, as officially proclaimed, but instead continued in public hospitals, prisons, and religious cults which were used as fronts. Holsinger later stated at a San Francisco psychology forum on Jonestown that he believed the CIA worked with Jones to perform medical and mind control experiments at People's Temple.

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Jews, not Italians, at the center of the American Mafia underworld

Meyer Lansky

Meyer Lansky (born Majer Suchowliński in Grodno (Belarus), July 4, 1902 – January 15, 1983) was a gangster who, with Charles "Lucky" Luciano, was instrumental in the development of The Commission (and possibly the "National Crime Syndicate") in the United States.

Lansky also headed up Murder, Inc. for The Commission and was largely responsible for the Mafia's development of Las Vegas and a financially beneficial relationship with the corrupt Cuban regime of Fulgencio Batista y Zaldívar. Although Jewish Mafia, Lansky undoubtedly played a central role in the Italian Mafia's organization and consolidation of the criminal underworld (although the full extent of this role has come under some debate).

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